29 Dec 2008

My New Crafty Space....Tidy at last !!!!

Spoiling myself !!! Again

At last my new crafty space is finished , well I don't think I can ever say finished as I will be adding to it for the rest of my life as I am a craft addict !! as I am sure those of you who know me will have already realized !! he he. And the rest of you will gather from my photos.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, we all had lots of fun and far to much too eat , my 2 boys got loads of presents and we all felt spoilt , I think it was one of the best Christmas days I have had in a long time.
I have 3 days without my 2 boys as they have gone to stay with my sister in law in London so is crafting all the way !! In peace which will be nice although I will miss the boys it is quite around the house without them, but I know they are having fun with their cousins.
Tomorrow I plan to finish a 5.5" x 5.5" chipboard scrapbook that I have started today it for Valentines .
I got lots of nice things for Christmas and my darling husband gave me some cash to treat myself I was going to buy some Coco Channel but I looked at The Glitter Pot craft sale and blew the lot on half price craft goodies I got lots of beautiful 12x12 papers , some Tilda stamps and several packs of Pebbles Inc ribbons , oh yes and some doodle bugs sugar glitter which wasn't in the sale but I just had to have it as it was just sooooooooooo gorgeous !!! Lol, I cant wait for it to arrive it will be like Christmas all over again !! He he
Well better go and grab some beauty sleep , Sweet dreams ....... Make sure they are Die cut Dreams !! Lol
Happy new Year to you all.
Love Susie xx

21 Dec 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas everyone, I haven't posted on my blog for some time now as I have been so busy sorting out my new crafty space and unboxing at my craft stash. but I am back and to celebrate Christmas I want to share with you a really yummy easy Christmas recipe;

Christmas Easy No Cook Recipe
Susie's Quick no cook festive Yule log
1 pack of chocolate chip cookies
Half a pint of sour cream
1 cup of sherry
Half a pint of double cream
Some grated chocolate to decorate
What to do
Whip the double cream and pop it in the fridge until you need it
Grate the chocolate and set aside to decorate at the end
Open the pack of cookies
Pour the sherry into a shallow dish
And you will need a spreading / palette knife for the sour cream
You will also need a long plate to serve
Now as quick as you can dip the cookies one at a time into the sherry
And spread it with some sour cream and then on to the next one
Sandwich them together to form a log shape
When all the cookies are used , get the cream from the fridge and cover the whole log ,
sprinkle with the grated chocolate,
Refrigerate for one hour and serve
Yummy !!!!!!!!!! Enjoy ,
Merry Christmas
Love Susie xx

7 Oct 2008

Hi everyone I am back from holiday , the weather was cold on the IOW but dry and sunny we had a lovely anniversary we went to Blackgang Chine for the day , done lots of walking and it is far from flat ground there but still it was good exercise for me !! And although I did stick to my diet like a good girl for the most of the week I did succumb to a cream tea on my anniversary .......but still managed to lose 3lb while away so I have almost 3 stone now.
I took a little crafting with me and managed to get a few hours in late at night while watching TV but I was glad to be home and have all my stash around me again !! Spoken like a true craft addict !! Lol
I finally sold my cricut machine last night , I will be sorry to see it go but it has gone to a lady who I am sure will use it more than the few times I did, but I hate to part with any of my craft toys.
I found 3 fab craft shops on the IOW and was able to bring home some goodies amongst which were 4 lovely bottles of Prima Christmas flowers only trouble is I can't bear to open them and use them as they are so beautiful !!! Yes your right I am nuts !! He he

I have some new dies on order and I am expecting them early next week and I have had a few new dies from my friend Sarah they are as lovely as ever she is such a clever designer. See the photos of the toppers I made with Sarahs great dies.
Well on that note I will wish you all a good day , Happy crafting
Love Susie xx

15 Sep 2008

Monday 15th September 2008

Hi everyone , Wow!! it has been a busy week , and an even busier weekend as it has been my eldest son Reids 15th Birthday today, but we seem to have been celebrating all weekend and we have all had a lovely time.

This week I have been staying up into the small hours crafting , I seem to come alive at 9pm and suddenly get a burst of inspiration that keeps me up until 2, 3 or even 4pm one night !!! so I have made quite a few toppers and also designed a few new dies , I am also working on more new designs that I hope to submit before I go away on holiday at the end of the month.

I only have one photo to show you today, its another Door hanger I made for my friend Sammi as she has just moved into her new flat, she saw the door hangers I made last week and said she might get one for her flat so I thought I would make her one instead of a card as it will last longer !! lol

Well until next time Happy Crafting , have fun

Love Susie xx

8 Sep 2008

Monday Morning Bliss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am just about to post this card I made for my friends birthday , but I think it needs a bow on the bear then it will be ready to go, and I will get down to a day of crafting while the boys are at school and Garry is at the Marina, peace at last, Bliss !!!! lol

Happy crafting everyone , love Susie xx

5 Sep 2008

Friday 5th of september Woodys 1st day at Bay House School

We had an early start today and I am not a morning person !! lol, I took these 2 photos of my youngest son Wooody at 7am this morning , it was his first day at senior school, he is the shy one in the family and was a little nervous before school, but when he got home at 3.30 he was full of it , he said he had a wonderful day, one of the best school days of his life and he thinks his new teacher Mrs Earle is cool. So it looks like he is going to fit in nicely , he has always loved school and is always eager to get there in the mornings, so the boys are both back at school that can only mean one this .....more time to craft !!! so watch this space !!lol
Happy crafting everyone Love Susie xx

1 Sep 2008

Monday 1st September Door Hangers

Oh no! it looks like the summer has gone and September is here, two thirds of the way through another year !!! It will be Christmas before we know it !! lets hope the summer comes back for a few more weeks yet.

I have been crafting most of the day today and I haven't finished yet as I am going to do a little bit of sewing with my new machine on some card next, earlier today I made some Door Hangers for my shop, let me know what you think.

Happy Crafting

Love Susie xx

31 Aug 2008

Saturday Crafting in the Sun

Today the weather is lovely I spent the morning crafting and then we when out to a lovely little bistro in Gosport for lunch (smoke salmon salad as I am still on the diet !!)

I made some handbag toppers today that open and have an insert inside so you can add a photo or a message, and I gave them a velcro closure , I decorated them with my favourite prima flowers, I also tried out one of my new design dies which cuts a large door hanger I used some large prima flowers to decorate that too.

The new sewing machine arrived yesterday and I love it , so a big thanks to Tracy for recommending that model too me, I will post some of the things I am making with it soon.

Well, happy crafting everyone

Love Susie xx

29 Aug 2008

Friday 29th August " Waiting "

Hi Everyone , hope you all busy crafting, after reading My friend Tracy's Blog and wanting a new sewing machine for ages I finally took the plunge and ordered a new one yesterday , and I took her advice and bought the Janome 8077 it was a bit more than I wanted to pay (£250) but Tracy recomended it so it must be good as she is a fantastic crafter and knows her what she is talking about when it comes to anything crafty, infact it was Tracy that inspired me to start this Blog after reading all the interesting tips and seeing all her lovely work on her Blog.
So I'm patiently waiting in today for it to arrive. I feel like a kid waiting for Santa to pop down the chimney hopefully the delivery man will use the front door though !!! Lol.
But I have my new Design dies to keep me busy while I wait , so I am busy making new toppers I will try to post some photos later.
Happy Crafting Love Susie xx

25 Aug 2008

Bank Holiday Monday 25th August 2008

Just back from holiday and itching to get crafting after a week away and a week without any craft except a visite to 3 different craft shops while away , I bought some new craft stash and a few goodies !! well a girl has to spoil herself now and then !! he he !!.
This morning I have made a few toppers and I am going to start an order of wedding invitations for my friend Emma.

Above are a few of the toppers I have made.
Happy Crafting xx

18 Aug 2008

Had a busy weekend with the boys , But still had time to do a little crafting , I made a few new toppers with some dies I have just bought , so enjoyed playing with them.
I am just getting in the swing of Christmas crafting, and today's horrible weather has helped me get in the mood for the winter season.

14 Aug 2008

Thursday 14th August, Welcome.

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog, here I hope to share crafting tips and keep you up to date with our new die cuts and toppers etc, I hope you will join in and leave comments on things I post here.
Love Susie xx