29 Aug 2008

Friday 29th August " Waiting "

Hi Everyone , hope you all busy crafting, after reading My friend Tracy's Blog and wanting a new sewing machine for ages I finally took the plunge and ordered a new one yesterday , and I took her advice and bought the Janome 8077 it was a bit more than I wanted to pay (£250) but Tracy recomended it so it must be good as she is a fantastic crafter and knows her what she is talking about when it comes to anything crafty, infact it was Tracy that inspired me to start this Blog after reading all the interesting tips and seeing all her lovely work on her Blog.
So I'm patiently waiting in today for it to arrive. I feel like a kid waiting for Santa to pop down the chimney hopefully the delivery man will use the front door though !!! Lol.
But I have my new Design dies to keep me busy while I wait , so I am busy making new toppers I will try to post some photos later.
Happy Crafting Love Susie xx

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