15 Sep 2008

Monday 15th September 2008

Hi everyone , Wow!! it has been a busy week , and an even busier weekend as it has been my eldest son Reids 15th Birthday today, but we seem to have been celebrating all weekend and we have all had a lovely time.

This week I have been staying up into the small hours crafting , I seem to come alive at 9pm and suddenly get a burst of inspiration that keeps me up until 2, 3 or even 4pm one night !!! so I have made quite a few toppers and also designed a few new dies , I am also working on more new designs that I hope to submit before I go away on holiday at the end of the month.

I only have one photo to show you today, its another Door hanger I made for my friend Sammi as she has just moved into her new flat, she saw the door hangers I made last week and said she might get one for her flat so I thought I would make her one instead of a card as it will last longer !! lol

Well until next time Happy Crafting , have fun

Love Susie xx

8 Sep 2008

Monday Morning Bliss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am just about to post this card I made for my friends birthday , but I think it needs a bow on the bear then it will be ready to go, and I will get down to a day of crafting while the boys are at school and Garry is at the Marina, peace at last, Bliss !!!! lol

Happy crafting everyone , love Susie xx

5 Sep 2008

Friday 5th of september Woodys 1st day at Bay House School

We had an early start today and I am not a morning person !! lol, I took these 2 photos of my youngest son Wooody at 7am this morning , it was his first day at senior school, he is the shy one in the family and was a little nervous before school, but when he got home at 3.30 he was full of it , he said he had a wonderful day, one of the best school days of his life and he thinks his new teacher Mrs Earle is cool. So it looks like he is going to fit in nicely , he has always loved school and is always eager to get there in the mornings, so the boys are both back at school that can only mean one this .....more time to craft !!! so watch this space !!lol
Happy crafting everyone Love Susie xx

1 Sep 2008

Monday 1st September Door Hangers

Oh no! it looks like the summer has gone and September is here, two thirds of the way through another year !!! It will be Christmas before we know it !! lets hope the summer comes back for a few more weeks yet.

I have been crafting most of the day today and I haven't finished yet as I am going to do a little bit of sewing with my new machine on some card next, earlier today I made some Door Hangers for my shop, let me know what you think.

Happy Crafting

Love Susie xx