29 Dec 2008

Spoiling myself !!! Again

At last my new crafty space is finished , well I don't think I can ever say finished as I will be adding to it for the rest of my life as I am a craft addict !! as I am sure those of you who know me will have already realized !! he he. And the rest of you will gather from my photos.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, we all had lots of fun and far to much too eat , my 2 boys got loads of presents and we all felt spoilt , I think it was one of the best Christmas days I have had in a long time.
I have 3 days without my 2 boys as they have gone to stay with my sister in law in London so is crafting all the way !! In peace which will be nice although I will miss the boys it is quite around the house without them, but I know they are having fun with their cousins.
Tomorrow I plan to finish a 5.5" x 5.5" chipboard scrapbook that I have started today it for Valentines .
I got lots of nice things for Christmas and my darling husband gave me some cash to treat myself I was going to buy some Coco Channel but I looked at The Glitter Pot craft sale and blew the lot on half price craft goodies I got lots of beautiful 12x12 papers , some Tilda stamps and several packs of Pebbles Inc ribbons , oh yes and some doodle bugs sugar glitter which wasn't in the sale but I just had to have it as it was just sooooooooooo gorgeous !!! Lol, I cant wait for it to arrive it will be like Christmas all over again !! He he
Well better go and grab some beauty sleep , Sweet dreams ....... Make sure they are Die cut Dreams !! Lol
Happy new Year to you all.
Love Susie xx


Marcea said...

oooh loving your space ... very jealous indeed!! Hubby is coverting our loft shortly for me so that I can move out of the spare bedroom and into a nice space :o)
I also have had a bit of a spend at the glitterpot and also poppicrafts (oops and whiff of joy)
why is there so much nice stuff to buy .... will be a poor lady but a happy one
Thanks for becoming a follower .... will be returning the favour - off to look at the rest of your blog now

Susiesuger said...

Hi Marcea as I am typing to you I am in email conversation with your mum!! Or did you already know that ??!!
Your blog is lovely I love your work it is all so beautiful, I also love the Hanglar and Stanglar stamps you use but I can't get hold of them anywhere you lucky girl.
I also love glitter pot and Michelle's stuff at poppicrafts I placed an order with her yesterday it will be like Christmas again tomorrow !! He he
Love Susie xx