31 Mar 2009

I swear you're getting faster !!!

Well done to sassy this time you win the die cut Heart teddy bears, ......Oh boy you girls are fast, if you send me your address sassy I will post these off to you tomorrow , right that's enough fun and games for today I am gonna take a break and watch the yummy Kiefer Sutherland in "24" enjoy your evening everyone and come back tomorrow , have fun .....sweet dreams


sassy said...

been sitting here for ages lol!!!!!!!!! thanks so much they are just sooooooo cute.... will email my addy hugs sassyxxxxxxxx

Sue said...

ops i missied it again!! lol, gorgeous teddies, can't wait for shop to open, will try pop back later, have good day you generous lady, i think 2 flakes in order!! lol.sue.x