1 Mar 2009

Thank you Nicola my Friend

I must apologise to my good friend Nicola who gave me an award over a week ago , but I have had a really bad week with one thing and another and I am very late in posting it on to my blog , so Nicola I am sorry for the delay and I would like to thank you for my award you are so kind.

If you haven't visited my friend Nicola's blog yet please pop over and see her beautiful cards she creates while sunning herself in Spain !! Lucky lady

I would like to pass this Friends award to to 5 crafty friends ;
Diane My talented friend in the USA at http://nelliesnest.blogspot.com/
Mandi My talented crafting friend across the sea from me on the IOW http://enchantedoccasions.blogspot.com/
Enfys My very talented crafty friend at http://going-buggy.blogspot.com/
Sharon My funky Crafty friend at http://fairydustbag.blogspot.com/
Zoe My very talented Chocolate loving friend at http://mrswonkas.blogspot.com/
You are all very talented lovely ladies and all have great Blogs that keep me out of trouble and occupied reading them every day (instead of doing my house work !!! thanks :) !! he he)

Love Susie xx


Deb said...

Thank you for linking my candy, good luck, have a good evening, Debx

Mrs Wonka said...

Ohhhhhh thank you so much that has really made my day!

Mrs W x

sharon said...

me loves ya for this which I havn't got....((hug))

ps..guess what I've just printed off...lol...thanks for being patient.x

Enfys said...

Thank you so much Susie, I will pop it on my blog, you made my day
Enfys xx