13 Apr 2009

The Boys are back in town !!!! lol

Well being the only female in a houseful of men (my husband Garry, and my 2 sons Reid & Woody) I have really got it in the neck today for leaving out the boys after my earlier post today " Here come the Girls !!" I have been ribbed all day and asked numerous times "But where are the boys??" so not being one to be defeated even though I didn't design a die for boys clothes for the doll (yet !) I have sat and made myself a couple of little templates for a T-Shirt and trousers and cut them some clothes by hand, so I could give my girly dolly a quick gender change ............So.................. "Let hear it for the Boys !!!" lol
The things we have to do to keep the men in our lives happy !! lol


Moni said...

Waw these are gorgeous too! Hugs, moni

yvonne said...

OH I LOVE THEM .. fab having boys too .. what we can do with them .. at least these dont want us to cook and stop crafting , lol

Lora said...

Ooh these are fab too.
Forgot to mention earlier that I have some blog candy just now. Would love if you took part :)
Hugs Lora xx

Anonymous said...

Cool!! They are fab too x x

Nicola said...

Ooh and aren´t these a handsome little lot ? Hope today went well at you know where! xxx

Nicola said...

Good morning Susie,
I have left you a little something on my blog. xxx