3 Apr 2009

Elephants never forget !!!

Bet you thought I had forgotten about the second of today's promised "Give aways" didn't you !! lol well I got weighed today for the first time in 3 weeks and instead of losing I have been very naughty and put on weight, so I thought it appropriate for tonight's "Give Away" to be a pack of little elephants like me !! lol
So you know what you have to do.............. to celebrate the forth coming opening of my new online craft shop next Monday evening 6th of April ................ as usual the first person to leave a comment on this post will get a little pack of cute Elephants die cuts free. The completed toppers in the photo are not included in the give away they are just to show you how they can look when you add a little chalk and pen to the die cuts, as these are small I will include something else as a little surprise to go with it .
Remember you must be a follower to enter for the "Give ways" (so if you are not already a follower hurry and join) and its only the 1st person to leave a comment on this post who will win die cuts, also to be fair to everyone if you have already won one of this weeks "Give aways" you can't enter this one its only fair everyone gets a chance to win but don't worry Everyone can enter the big one next Monday that one is a draw with a question and will be drawn on Tuesday evening .
Tomorrows "Give Away" will be a little different its not the first person to leave a comment I want you all to leave a comment on the post I will put on the blog some time late tonight and then at about 10pm tomorrow night My little boy will draw a name out of the hat before he goes to bed and that will be the winner , and I will do another the same for Sunday .you will all be able to enter both give away draws and the only thing I will ask you is to please make a post on your blog about my new shop opening Monday I give you the link to the new shop and the all the details in the next post.
Good luck


vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Oooooh nellies, these are soooo cute Susie, never mind im sure you will burn off what you put on next week you will be soooo busy love n hugs Vikki xxx

clare said...

they are so cute..hope im first.
thanks clare

sorry to hear of your weight gain..but keep it up hun..the better weather will be here soon..and you'll find it more easier then..good luck xx



Nicola said...

Don´t worry about your weight Susie, I am sure once your online store opens you will be run off your feet packing up all the orders you will getting.
Enjoy your weekend. xxx

yvonne said...

Oh they are soooo cute.

Oh dear, but the main thing is .. did yu enjoy your naughtys .. if you did.. well there is always next week.. like you will have time to stand still enough.lol

Anonymous said...

i love them all...so cute