6 Apr 2009

Garry has drawn the winners !!

Garry has drawn the 2 winners but refuses to let me take his photo as he is in his pyjamas !! And doesn't want you girls to see him !! Lol , if Woody was up he would have had no problem having his photo taken in his Pj's !! Lol but Garry is a shy boy !! He he
Right the winners drawn tonight at 12.15am by shy Garry are;
Sandie and Craftyrose please send me your addresses I will get them posted to you tomorrow.
I will leave you now as I am still stocking my shop ready to open tomorrow evening
So once again I wish you all a good night


LoloDesigns said...

Ooh how exciting, just wanted to wish you good luck for tomorrow. will be popping by the shop xxx

Katiejane said...

Good luck for today and for the future with your new business. I popped over already but it's not open yet xx

lilacanglia said...


Nearly time for the shop,;)


yvonne said...

Only hrs to go .. whoo hoo , bank card at the read, lol

Well done to the winners \ENJOY

Nicola said...

Congratulations ladies, you are in for a treat especially as Susie is a perfect stamper.
Good luck to you too Susie Today´s the day and I have already altered your loggo to show this.
Good luck hun, I wish you long and happy trading. xxx

clare said...

congrat winners xx
thanks for the chance hun xx
hugs clarex

kay said...

well done to the winners and good luck with your new shop.

Craftyrose said...

Thanks Susie and to all you lovely people who were kind enough to congratulate me. Good luck with your new venture Susie, can't wait to see what you have!

Love Rosie xx