3 Apr 2009

Golly !!!! you girls are slow tonight !! he he

Golly girls you are slow tonight looks like vikkithescrapjunkie is the only one out there !! lol you must all be out on the razzle tonight !! well it is Friday night
Well have a lovely evening everyone, I will post these off to you Monday Vikki , and I will be back later to post about tomorrows draw xx


lilacanglia said...

congrats vicky,

I am always to slow at these things cos internet is so slow loading the pages,


Fi said...

I was much closer to be able to be a winner on this one than any of the others- they've all been when I've been at work (even missed the early morning ones as I go in early) or or safely tucked up in bed!

Better luck next time to me. Well done to Vicky!

This has been entertaining Susie! :-)


clare said...

well done vicky x

im just slow as well...not good at these..cant believe ive missed the others...must come on here with my eyes closed...lol
thanks clarex

Anonymous said...


I think my follower thing on Blogger has a delay. lol I was right here and refreshed and nothing was there for your blog and them all of a sudden it shows a post 21 minutes ago. I will just have to find a different approach. lol Have a fabulous weekend girlie.

yvonne said...

xWell done vicky.. z

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Wooohooo thankyou Susie, im delighted to have won these and am looking forward to using them i already have lots of ideas swimming around in my head. I must have logged on at just the right time hehehe thankyou for the congrats everybody and hope you all have a wonderful weekend love n hugs Vikki xxx

Craftyanny said...

I'm so slow Susie I keep missing your candy lol
Anne x

Anonymous said...

can't believe I missed the Elephants!! Just thought I'd let you know I've put a post on my blog to advertise your shop opening.

Good luck x x

Nicola said...

Wishing you much success in your new venture Susie, have linked you on my side bar. -x-