22 Apr 2009

Let this be a warning !!

Don't make the same mistake as me, I don't suppose anyone out there is as silly as me but I thought I would let you know about the silly mistake I made today which lead to me ruining 2 of my new stamps and made me Grrrrrrr!!!
when I am stamping a pile of images I normally pile the used inked stamps up face to face, back to back face to face and so on in a pile and clean them all when I have finished, well today I was doing just that as normal but when I can to clean them immediately after using them 2 of the stamps had stuck together back to back and I had to practically rip them apart to separate them one was my new Stampavie bear stamp which now has the skin off the back of one of my new Tilda stamps stuck to the back of it so it wont cling to the acrylic block and the new Tilda stamp wont cling to the block either as the cling back is on the other stamp, Boo Hoo !!!! I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else, and I know I will be more careful next time !!


Nicola said...

Ouch and to two gorgeous stamps too.
Do you think eazimount or something similar may help Susie. -x-

Anonymous said...

Oh no hun thats awful, I'd be crying my eyes out!! I'll bear that in mind when I'm stamping, I usually line mine up so will keep lining!!

Moni said...

Oh sorry to hear that, thanks for the remainding! Hugs, Moni

Froggy said...

I think you could save the tilda!! peel off the rubber...and remount it on new ez mount....the other though i can't help you with..sorry this happened!! I love my stamps too so i know how you feel!


Katarina said...

I clean my stamps like that too, so I'll try to think about this next time, yikes.

Use ez mount on the bear stamp and remount the tilda too.

Heidi said...

Hi Susie,

Oh dear what a horrible experience. First a big hug to comfort you.

You can't save the EZ mount of your Tilda but concerning our stamp you can try the following:

Take the Ultra clean clear stamp cleaning solution from either Hero Arts or from Stewart Superior (it's a blue liquid) and spray it on the back of your furry friends stamp and carefully start rubbing the EZ mount that's stuck to it off. Once you've got it off, wash the clear stamp with hand warm water and washing up liquid and dab it dry. It should rescue at least your clear stamp.


Heiid said...

Oops...forgot to say that rubbing it off with your fingers.


Susie Sugar said...

Thanks everyone for all your hot tips and for all you kind words I feel a bit better now (still a bit of a twit !! Lol)
Hugs to you all
Love Susie xx

lilacanglia said...

FIngers crossed that Heidi's help works for you,

rozzy said...

Oh susie, i nearlly did the same thing yesterday, but just made it in time... I think you need to keep a spare sheet of EZMount foam to hand in case of accidents! At least it shouldn't have ruined the stamps.
Hope you dont do it again though..
Hugs rozzy xx

curlywhiskersandtwitchingnoses said...

Oh no. That's awful. Poor you. I do find clear stamps a bit harder to look after-you need to be careful or they tear, they can stick to themselves or the packet they came in-much prefer wood-seems hardier somehow.

None of this helps you, but I appreciate the warning-I'm certain this will save others going through this too. What a pain-not fair at all-wish i could make them better for you.

Craftyrose said...

Oh no! What a horrible experience! Hope that you can salvage something! xx

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Oh No darling i cant believe it... your new stamps!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there any way that you could possibly mount them onto a block permenantly to be able to use them again? Sooo sorry Susie i know how much you love these new ones xxxxxxx

tracy said...

glad to say i put my unmounted stamps back on there sheet of plastic they come on, hope you havent caused too much damage though as they are lovely stamps

Marcea said...

poor you hun - that is a real shame - hope you can salvage them

Gail's Card Cafe' said...

Oh No! I AM as silly as you! I do the same thing! thanx for the heads up! DANG!

yvonne said...

Hi ya hun, just t say i have left you something on my blog. xx

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Thanks for the warning Susie, you could try stick and spray from crafter companion, to re sticky your stamps.

Chris x

jacquiscards said...

what a shame they are lovely stamps as well :)

thanks for the award x

Prpldy said...

Oh you poor dear. That is terrible and what a great loss too!