20 May 2009

Another Chef in the family !! following in my foot steps

Hi Everyone, Tonight I want to share with you something I made nearly 16 years ago ...... my eldest son , Reid !!! he is the apple of my eye and I am so proud of him, he is so clever and excels at everything he does and everything he touches seems to turn to gold , well bronze this time as he has just won bronze medal in the Major International Culinary Challenge in conjunction with The Craft Guild of Chefs, he was one of the youngest entrants and came third out of nearly a hundred people. Its not just my feet he is following his dad my first husband was also a brilliant head chef , he sadly past away some years ago but if he was here today I know he would be proud as punch of our amazing son and not to leave out little Woody our youngest son who goes to cooking classes with Reid on Monday afternoons who is also a great little chef and made the tastiest chocolate brownies I have ever tasted (I know I shouldn't be eating them but don't tell Elaine at slimming world !!! shhhh !! lol)
The newspaper photo/article is me at the young age of just 23 back in 1987 it only seems like yesterday I cant believe its 22 years ago .
Well I just wanted to play the proud mum and show off my clever son,
I hope you all have a lovely evening


yvonne said...

And so you should be proud. What a brilliant award .. i know where i am gonna go for Christmas dinner,lol
Pass on my "Congratulatons" to your wonderful son..I guess he has had the best teachers , you and his Dad he would be so proud too.

Angie said...

Congratulations Reid,
Well Done Susie,
That was one creation (your son) that was well worth it, and so you should be proud,

Sandie said...

Well done Reid, a great achievement, a very proud moment for you Susie. Really very happy for you both.

Hugs Sandie x

Crafty Al said...

Congratulations to your talented son Reid!!
You should be very proud of him and telling the world of his achievement's that's what a mother does.
Hugs Alison.xx

Anonymous said...

oh fab thats so cool. Well done Reid x x

Katiejane said...

Ah bless him, many congratulations! You should be very proud of him and i'm sure his Dad is looking down on him and feeling very overwhelmed right now.
Who knows what the future may bring!
Love the article xx

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Wow thats fantastic news Susie, congratulations to Reid! You must be so so proud of him, i know i would be.. tell him i shall be down for dinner tomorrow lol. And well done to you too Susie It might be a while ago but i bet you still make a mean quiche.. so ill be down for one of those too hehehe. I bet dinner time in your house is the bestest :o)
Love n hugs
Vikki xx

Fi said...

Congratulations- such fabulous news! Your son clearly learnt from the best :-)

Love the article with you in it!

The dog book above is gorgeous too!


Hi Susie
no wonder you are proud well done to your son ,congratulations Reid.
Hugs Dianne xx

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Many congratulations to Reid, and you've every right to be a very proud Mum Susie, well done to you both

Chris x

Anonymous said...

well done to him :-)
and you for making him lol

Rose XXX

Nicola said...

Congratulations and very well done Reid.
What a fab write up about you too Susie, I did enjoy reading it.
Like mother - like son .... keep it in the family !!!
Nicola -x-

Liz said...

What a lovelly story Susie And no wonder you are so proud of your very handsome son!

Liz x

Anonymous said...

Just seen story about Reid. Have been following your Blog for sometime and enjoy all your creations. Congratulations to Reid.
My daughter and son go to the same school and katherine recognised Reid and also sends her congrats. Wish my kids would cook, but they just enjoy eating my creations.

sam said...

Well done to Reid and you are so right to be proud of him. Pass on my congratulations although I know I am a little late seeing this post.
Take care babes
sam x