8 May 2009

I'm Back !!! and I want to say ......."Thanks"

I am back from my holiday, which was a holiday from hell but that's another story !!
I was over the moon today to when we got back I have been a real spoilt Princess !!! I wanted to say "A BIG Thank you" to everyone for all the birthday cards and presents I was sent I have never seen so many beautiful handmade birthday cards (tomorrow I will take a photo to blog)
So Thank you all


Nicola said...

Welcome back Susie,
I have missed you, sorry about the holiday ... try and put this behind you and enjoy being back in blogland amongst your friends.
Nicola -x-

Marcea said...

welcome back sweetie, so nice to see you online again :o)

lilacanglia said...

Welcome home,
sorry to hear it was hell,
glad your back,

Mandi said...

Welcome back
Sorry you had a hellish holiday!

mandi xx

sassy said...

wlecome back little sis...soz holday was er not good by the sounds of it but hey!!!!! your back where you belong....loves sassyxxx

Craftyanny said...

Sorry to hear your holiday was hell Susie, welcome home
Anne x

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Hi Susie, sorry to hear that you had a hellish holiday..good to see you back

Chris x