31 May 2009

❀❀♥ It's My Birthday !! ♥❀❀ ❀❀♥ Candy Time !!! ♥❀❀

Candy is now closed I will be back with a winner tomorrow Morning everyone, Its my birthday this week (as I am a princess I get the whole week !! lol)
So I have decided to offer some Birthday candy,
This candy will run until noon Sunday 31st of May.
The candy is the following ;
This months Paper crafts inspirations Mag brand new just out today
8x8 DCWV Floral Prints paper stack pad 72 sheets
1 pack of Dovecraft Crystal effect alphabet stickers
2 packs of Sassy designs ribbons and fibers
Box set of 6 Celebrate the day HERO ARTS stamps
12 Dovecraft picture stamps
3 dovecraft word stamps .
What I would like you to do to enter is ;
1. Please join as a follower to this blog
2. Also Please pop a link to my candy in your side bar of your blog to help spread the word
And then just leave me ONE comment on this post to let me know you have done the above for me, I will post anywhere in the world, so anyone can enter , if you don't have a blog just become a follower and spread the word by mouth or any other means and leave your comment.
Thanks Loads for visiting my blog
Candy is now closed I will be back with a winner tomorrow

❀❀•*''*♥ This post will remain at the top until the 31st May♥*''*•❀❀

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Pili said...

Congratulations from Spain.

sandraloves said...

Happy Birthday

dshk said...

Brilliant Susie,Happy Birthday to you!
I will leave a link for your candy on my blog.

Maria Laura Martins said...

Congratulations to you!
And I'm your Follower! Thanks for a chance!

pasiakowa said...

Happy Birthday to you! :)

This is a wonderful candy! Thanks for the opportunity to win it.
Please - count me in a draw.

I'm spreading the info on my blog here

Fekl@ said...

Hello! Congratulations to you! I've linked your candy on my blog http://my-fantazia.blogspot.com/2009/05/blog-post_26.html
And I'm your Follower!
Thanks for a chance to win!

lindyloo said...

Happy birthday Hope you have a super day (week) lol huggies lindyloo x

Lynne in NI said...

Hope you have a fantastic birthday Susie! And thanks for the chance of winning your candy - I've linked you on My Blog

Liliana Lois said...

You have a very nice blog!
Happy Birthday !!!
Thanks for the chance to win this great blogcandy!
Greetings from Argentina

TheLittleFrog said...

Awesome candy! I already linked u to my blog and I am yr follower:) Greetings from Lucia:)

SVIT said...

Happy birsday Sussie! May your dreams come true and thank you very much for a chance to win such a lovely prise! I wish to!
My blog is: http://svit-dreams.blogspot.com/
Link to your candy is in the second column on the left.

Regina said...

Happy Birthday!! I will link the candy to my blog ^_^

sassy said...

hiya susie....why hadnt i popped in for the chance of candy ...dooh!!! will link you asap huggies sassyxxxx

Urania said...

Felicidades desde México, inclui el link en mi blog, espero que haya entendido bien el mensaje!!! thanks!!!


Angie said...

Hiya Susie,
Your forever giving away candy,
One way to stop a sweet tooth, lol,
THanks for the chance to win,
Happy Birthday

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the chance for some fantastic candy!

Genny Garcia said...

Soy la participante 217, ¡algo nunca visto!, por mis ojitos. FELICITACIONES.

Tanja said...

Happy Birthday Susie!

Thank you for giving us the chance to win that great candy.

I have put a link to your candy on my blog's side bar.Best regards from sLOVEnia,


Brit in MN said...

Awesome candy! Happy birthday. I linked you in my blog. It's in a post, I really gotta learn how to do the side bar thing!

amber.spb said...

happy birthday! and thank you for a chance to win :)

blessings, Amber.

Heike said...

Happy Birthday, the Blogcandy is wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win, i've linked you on my sidebar....


inbar said...

happy birthday to you!
10x for the nice candy and the chance to win. here is a link to my blog - http://www.tapuz.co.il/blog/viewEntry.asp?EntryId=1486921

Is@BeL said...


Lovely Linda said...

Hi Susie from Canberra Australia!!! What fabulous Candy!!! Even better what a fabulous BLOG! I am happy to have found it! I am now a follower and have linked your candy to my BLOG:
I would love you to visit sometime!!!
Thaank you for the opportunity to play!! God bless you!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best and you're linked! x

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog: it's really great! And to discover this blog candy as well ... lovely!
I started my own blog a couple of weeks ago and added your blog to my favorites! Happy Birthday to you and have a great day!!!
Anne-Marie Jeuken

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to you Susie!! Hope you are enjoying your week to be the Birthday Queen. :)
I have become one of your followers and linked your blog candy to my blog sidebar.
Thank you for the chance to win this yummy yummy display of candies.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
Thanks for the chance to win it!

cecy said...

Congratulations very beautiful work you do that many more years ... greetings from Mexico!!!


Pati said...

Wow... blog candy... I love it.... =)
I put a link in my blog and am a follower now.
So... crossing my fingers.... =)
God bless you.

Patricia said...

Hi Susie, your blog is beatifull ! I will link to my blog an I'm already a follower...Hugs from Argentina...

Grace said...

Happy Birthday Suzie! I posted your candy in my side bar here:


Also a follower! Happy bd!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sassy, Happy Scrappy Birthday toooo youuuuuuuuuuu! Count me in yr candy. Yr page is really cute.
Please visit my blog i am having a candyblogaversary (if the word exist!). jejejeje Count me in Count me in!! tks, dalys (burundanguitas@gmail.com)

NataljaLi said...

Happy Happy birthday!
Very great candy! I linked your candy on my blog: http://nataljali.blogspot.com/

Chook said...

Hi Susie, Happy Birthday and thanks for the chance to win. Helen

Ethel said...

Hola!!!! Felicitades!!!
Bellos tus trabajos!!!!!
Gracias por este Blog Candy!!!
Saludos desde Argentina!!!!

Shelby said...

Great Candy!:) Im a follower! I so love great blogs like yours with candy and great ideas:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

martha velasco prieto. said...

feliz cumpleaños!!que linda que estes regalando cosas tan lindas!!!

divette said...

Oooh! Sweet :D Candy!! Happy Birthday!!
Thanks for a chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Hey Susie,wishing you happy birthday and hope you will be getting spoiled!!!
I've become a follower and I will put a link on : my blog
Greetings from Riane.

Katarina said...

Happy birthday! I love dovecraft and think your candy is fabulous! I love the mags you have in the UK too.
I have a candypost so I wrote about your candy there. Greetings from Sweden.


Annar said...

Nice candy! Thanks for chance! Link to my blog: http://annar-mojepasje.blogspot.com/

jules said...

i am blown away by your blog. it is so creative. love it.

Anonymous said...

WOW! For a bit and I won't make it... I am a follower now, and added the link in my blog. Great candy and late Happy Birthday wish for you! ...HUGS...SK :)

Visit my blog for an INCOGNITO candy...:)

sixchap said...

hope you had a great day and have more too come.

Malgwa said...

Piękne urodzinowe cukiereczki do wygrania!!! Pozdrawiam.

Lara said...

Hi! I love your scrap-works: very very emotionally!
I will go put a link of your candy in my blog and i am already a follower.
Kissssssssss, Lara
Please excuse my english!!!!

cbee said...

Happy Birthday!! ... That's a great candy! I'm a follower now and I've linked your candy to my blog.
Greetings from Vienna,

Airun said...


I'm new to the blogs. I wish to participate in your lovely candy. Going to post about it right now in http://airu-airun.blogspot.com

Greets from Spain!

Linda Crowder said...

I don't have a sidebar for candy on my blog. I don't know how to do that yet..sorry. But I have a weekly listing and I put you in that! I also was glad to join you as a follower....I found you today and I love your designs..Linda Crowder Dallas TX USA

Dri Ribeiro said...

meu inglês é horrível, mas vou arriscar

Susie, Happy Birthday to you !

your blog is 10 ! wonderful !


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Banki said...

This is just adorable! I really love your birthday card. Have a happy day.

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