20 Jun 2009

My New Crafty Butt Rest !!! lol

I have spoiled myself this afternoon ......after sitting in my famous black leather mastermind style chair crafting for the past 5 years it had started to squeak a little under the strain of my over sized butt !!!! lol,
So I thought I would retire that chair to the upstairs office where is will get less use and have an easier life and so we took a trip to Staples where I treated myself to a new luxury leather mastermind style office chair (fit to be used as a throne for a Princesses butt to craft in comfort!!lol)
It feels so comfy its lovely, Garry says for that price it should be comfy and he hopes it will improve my crafting ....the cheeky bugger !!! lol
Well I am so pleased with my new chair I though I would just share it with you !! he he
Have a great evening


Nicki said...

Ooooh that looks sooooooo comfy!
hope your bum is happier now! lol

Katiejane said...

Oh, you lucky Princess you, that looks soooo comfortable.
Is that all your crafty stash behind? Don't we get a look at that too??
Happy crafting in your new chair, tell hubby your crafting deffinately doesn't need improving!

Emma said...

Looks very comfy :) Enjoy! Em x

iReneM said...

Wooo, that looks sooo comfy.
I think I might fall asleep if I was sitting in that


LoloDesigns said...

Now that's a chair!! I want one :o) xx

Chrissie said...

I also went to Staples when my craft chair broke recently, but I got a very modest typists chair which cost about £17! I would never have been able to fit your splendid one in my craft room... so enjoy it!

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Cooorrr im jealous, that does look comfy, although it should be for that price lmao. Im still sitting on a dining chair at the moment as there is no space for a comfy one until dave moves his puter from crafty cove. Ive been trying to get him to move out and into another area for sometime now but i think hes worried he will get lonely.. bless him lol. xx

Anonymous said...

fab chair lucky you!