3 Jun 2009

Vinnie The Panda ??!!!

Is it me or is that Vinnie the Fox's biscuit panda the cutest little guy on TV??
I would even go as far as to say he is a horny little devil !!!! lol (don't tell Garry I said that !!! he he) and NO before you ask I haven't been drinking !! lol .....or maybe its just his fox's biscuits I'm lusting after since I know I can't have them on this diet !!!! lol


yvonne said...

LOL, i have to say i think so too.. just adore him, the cutie little panda, lol

sassy said...

bisquites.....who said bisquites...would love one with my coffee...oh what i wouldnt do for a bisquite....and yep he sure is a cutie....but i do draw the line at him being horny...pmsl...hugs sassyxxxx