3 Jul 2009

My very own Master Chef

I think I may have mentioned last week (of course I did !! lol) how proud I am of my eldest son Reid who came second in the Major International Culinary Challenge in conjunction with The Craft Guild of Chef in the final at Raymond Blanc's restaurant "Brasserie Blanc" in Portsmouth ...... Raymond had remarked it was close between 1st and 2nd but Reid was happy with second place after all he is only 15 years old.
Reid cooked on stage in front of a packed audience in an open air kitchen set at Gun wharf quays in Portsmouth outside Raymond's restaurant.
Well I promised you photos and here they are, I am soooooo proud of my young man he is a great little chef and he has bags of talent but he has his heart set on a career in TV cookery, he has loads of confidence and has no stage fright at all after appearing in 3 Shakespeare productions over the last 2 years and singing 7 solo songs in front of a large audience in the musical "Return to the forbidden planet" last year, he also appeared in "west side story" where he was the youngest member of the cast last year, and will be auditioning for a part in a production of Willie Russel's "Blood Brothers" in August.
I was not keen on him pursuing a career in catering as I know how much hard work he will have ahead of him, My late husband (Reid's dad) was a very hard working head chef and I myself had a 22 year long career in catering and took the journey from kitchen assistant to head chef /restaurant owner and it is a challenging path to walk , but I should have known that with Reid having both parents being chefs he may want to follow our foot step (also when he was named at birth it was pointed out to us that his initials were RAW so we were 2 chefs with a RAW baby so he was destine to cook at some point !!!! lol), well thank you for letting me share my proud moment with you.
Love Susie xx


Angie said...

Please wish him congratulations from me,
and you should be proud,
I think I heard you shout it from the rooftop?
You should do, lol.

Anne-marie said...

Congratulations to Reid and to the very proud mum I wish him well in his career he is a very talented young man and like Angie said you should be shouting from the roof tops best wishes
Anne-marie x

Christine said...

Ohhh Susie many conrats to your son
you have evry right to be a proud mum & who wouldnt want to let the world know, very best wishes for his future whatever he may do,

hugs to all Christine xx

pinky said...

Wow only 15! He has a definite bright and tasty future ahead of him. Well done.

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Wow doesnt he look fantastic up there on the stage, he is a natural Susie.. I wish Reid all the best for the future and i hope he succeeds in his venture to become a TV chef, his initials might even make a good name for the show!. Also wish him good luck from me for the audition coming up.. and i hope he gets the part. Well done Reid and well done mum for being so supportive ;) xxxxx

Nicki said...

Oh wow, and proud you should be! what an achievement, and how chuffed he looks too! Well done Reid.
take care

Katiejane said...

Aaah, you must be soo proud of him. I love ready steady cook, maybe he'll be on there soon. His desert looked delicious i think he will have a great career should he choose to go in that direction. He's also lucky to have the support and knowledge from his Mum to guide him. Singing and acting too? Wow, a man of all talents. Bless him, i guess some people just have it all xxx

Stressed Stamper said...

wow fantastic Susie - shout it from the roofs - I do with my girls

Chrissie said...

Congratulations to you for producing such a fab son and congratulations to him for doing SO well! A proud family all round!
Brilliant news, thanks for sharing!

Alysabeth said...

Way to Reid;o)