1 Jul 2009

Named & Shamed !!!!

Named & Shamed !!!! do you remember when I got my lovely new craft space a little over 6 months ago ? how lovely and neat it was ? how very tidy it was ? how everything had a place ? do you remember the lovely photos I posted on here ? well last night my Darling husband Garry took these photos to shame me (there are more photos but I dare not show you this early in the day !!! lol) as I get things out and never put things away when I have finished using them and then I get more things out and don't put them away either until you get the mess like in photos ..........................So I am afraid there is going to be No more card , No more playing for me until I have had a mega tidy up of my craft space so the next photo you will see posted here on this blog will be of the transformation that will take place here in my craftroom today.
I am signing off now to put on my pinny and get started, the sooner I finish the sooner "I'll be back!!" ..............Wish me luck girls !!! lol


Katie-Louise Oakley said...

LOL looks a bit like mine - Infact, I am off work today, meant to be spending a day in the sun, but my OH has 'TOLD' me I need to sort it out!! :| xx

Katiejane said...

My God, do you have stash!! Can you find anything even when it's tidy???
Good luck tidying up x

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Oh dear gawd! i actually feel much better about my little space now that i have seen yours lmao... Although our desks look in a very similar state with a small 4x4" space to work in lol... good luck with the clear up darling, you will feel much better when it is done and you will then have lots of space to make a mess in hehehehe xxxx

Craftyanny said...

omg Susie, how much stuff do you have????
Good luck with the clean up
Anne x

Tracy said...

I have such a small craft space (a small corner of the hallway for me) that I make it a rule to completely put everything away in between cards even if I know I'm going to get it back out again. That way I know it will stay tidy and in the end saves time as I'm not hunting around for misplaced items. (OOOOH I'm SO good aren't I). Give it a try when you've cleaned up a bit.
Good luck
Tracy x

SVIT said...

I really can understand you)) lol I am just a beginner and dont have so much gooddies but.... I have such a mess))))

Joani said...

Oh Susie, it just looks like your a very creative person *Ü*
I understand though ~ looks like when I scrap book.
Wishing you good thoughts for a quick trip back here!

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Oh dear!! A familiar story for many of us I think!! lol
I was looking at my...ermm...'mess' just this morning actually, but...
a) I'm lucky that I don't have anyone to take photo's of it and
b) I stick to the philosophy that 'A tidy desk is the sign of a sick mind' lol ^.^
Good luck!! x

Rach said...

lol Susie, i am exactly the same.. i only clear it up when i can't push stuff far enough out of my way to make a space on my desk...rofl.. good luck with the tidying.. hugs rachxx

Nora said...

Just tell him that a neat space is a sign of a sick mind with NOTHING to do! Obviously you like to stay busy! *ROFL* Good luck with the clean-up.

Nicki said...

... and thats a mess? lol you should see mine! i think we all have a tendency to have a bit of a mess! were entitled to as were soooo creative...its called creative expression! lol if you entered that into the tate gallery... youd win! lol
take care

Vicky said...

Oh my gosh Susie! So much stash in such a small space no wonder it's hard to keep it tidy! Good luck with the clear up! Thanks for your lovely comments on my cards!
Hugs, Vicky -x-

June said...

Oh susie so sorry but I love that mess, its happy mess anyway, he he but good luck today darlin you will need it lol xxxxxxxxxxxxx

SallyB said...

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone! (and I am not a religious person).
I had a massive tidy up last weekend and it's not looking as good a week on! You are very brave posting the photos. Good Luck Susie!

Kay said...

I suddenly feel the need to go clean The Sanctuary. Good luck, girl!

Anonymous said...

I've just got to show my hubby these pics to show him I really don't have that much stash!!!

Nicola said...

I wouldn´t mind working in your room Susie cause it is just full of wonderful stash, reckon I would manage to push aside a wee bit more before a big clean up ... well I would be too engrossed wouldn´t I?
Nicola -x-

annececile said...

wouhaou !!!!!
j'a-do-re ce bazard !!! au moins, on voit que tu travailles dans ta scraproom !
(i love this disorder !!!!)