1 Jul 2009

Naughty girl comes clean !!!

Yes OK !!! I was naughty making such a mess but I have come clean today and now it looks like a new room .....it took me all day to sort it and I have thrown away lots of "stuff" I thought I might need one day (but I knew I would never use them so out they went .......I was a woman on a mission today !! he he).
Some of the lovely sympathetic comments mentioned "while crafting in a small space you can't help making a mess" well I have to confess I didn't show all the photos if I did you would see I don't have that excuse as my space is 20 foot by 20 foot and I still manage to get in a mess , but I have had a few good tips today and I am gonna try to control my craft stash, put it away when finished and the main thing slow down on buying "stuff" so a craft diet is on the cards (wonder if there is a self help group for craft addicts!! lol)
Right off to craft in the delight of a clean & tidy craft space, thank for all your encouraging comments today you really did help me through the day
Have a great evening


stampingallday said...

That's more like it!
Well done, will you come and do mine, please?

SMK said...

heheh we great job on cleanin up!! i understand how that goes... before i had my craft room (which was only as of yesterday actually), i had all my stuff in bins which i brought into the living room to craft... let's just say that we were down one couch because it was my "crafting couch" covered from arm to arm in my supplies, hehe... the hubby was less than impressed, even though he loves getting cards i make him :)

Emma said...

Hi Susie
Lol at your named and shamed pics but well done you on tidying up your craft room....wow huge improvement. I really must tidy up my mess!! Lol
Emma x

Tracy said...

Great job Susie, now listen to me, PUT your craft stuff away in between each card you make. I think you should post another photo in a months time and we can all see if it is still tidy. But staying clean and tidy isn't always fun!
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Anne-marie said...

thats much better Susie feel free to come and do mine its a mess lol
Anne-marie x

Stamping at tiffanys' said...

looks great!!! I get in a mess too! i have the small space excuse! I have a super tiny computer desk! ( i downsized to give my son a room) I do not having a spending addiction!! if i did we would be in lots of trouble!! loL!

Jodi said...

How awesome that you had a chance to do some cleaning up. That really takes time and you did a great job!
Jodi =)

Mandi said...

Oh suse Im worse than you I reckon, I have 3 desks making a big L, but, you wouldnt know what colour the wood was half the time!

Looks fab now even if a bit scarey lol

mandi xx

Anonymous said...

you've done a fab job clearing up, now time to come round to mine & tidy!!!!!

Katiejane said...

I'm impressed! Everything labled and stacked. I wonder how long it lasts??

Kay said...

Hey, great clean up job! However, if you're like me once I've "re-organized", you're not going to be able to find anything for a while! Bwhaaa!
Umm, I didn't get to mine last night, ya wanna come help? Pleeeeeze?

Nicola said...

Wowzers I would love to come and play in this fab craft space which is full of lovely surprises in all them boxes.
Nicola -x-