8 Aug 2009

Thank you to all my blogging buddies

I would like to say a Big Thank you to all my blogging buddies who have given me these lovely awards this week ,Lou , Sharon and Cherry you have all been more than generous to me as I have had more than one award from each of you .......I feel a very lucky girl , thank you all.
It you other blogger's out there haven't paid a visit to these lovely ladies blogs please do ......you don't know what you're missing !!!!!
Now I would love to pass these awards on but I have already passed them on before so I have decide that anyone who has left me or leaves me a comment any where on my blog can help themselves and take either one or all of the awards, please just mention me with a link to my blog when you blog the award
Have a great day Love Susie xx


Sarah A said...

Well done Susie for being a multi award winner LOL! All well deserved!

Sarah x

Rach said...

wow congrats Susie on the awards sweetie.. Thank you for entering my candy. good luck. hugs rachxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you too & well done hun you deserve them very much x

sugar n spice said...

Hi Susie, I'm here becuase I love your blogs, I adore your creations, I think you are one of the most talented crafters in blogland. Always inspirational, never too busy to help and give advice, I am also here to support Vikkie in telling you that you have a multitude of friends who cannot let you lose your Mojo. No Susie, it can't happen, we need you.
Hugs & Love & here's some of my Mojo,
Suzi xx

Anne-marie said...

Hi Susie, Im here because i love your creations and you are an inspiration to myself and other crafters. Also you have helped me when I didnt really understand the blogging lol

pinky said...

Oh I left my message in the wrong place so here i am again. Susie you get right back on that horse girl, your blog has been so vibrant and inspirational from day 1! Your mojo is just on holidays and its due back on Monday!!! Hugs

Anonymous said...

well done on all those awards!

Rose XXX

LoloDesigns said...

Susie, you'll never guess what I saw today... yep your MOJO! Apparently it was taking a mini break and lost track of time. I told said MOJO that she had better get back to you quick smart or it will have an awful lot of bloggers chasing it's tail ;O)

So when you wake up tomorrow just peek under the bed and you will see your MOJO all rested and ready to go! tee hee xxxx

Angie said...

Hi Susie,
You truly deserve these,
I have one for you on my blog,
and I want to say thank you for your kindness, help and inpiration,

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Congrats on all the awards Susie, so well deserved. Bet your Mojo is just around the corner, so go take a look and you'll find it, cos it can't hide from such a talented crafter like you for long
Chris xx

Lora said...

well done hunni you deserve all those awards.
I think your mojo is hiding out with mine. I think I left it on holiday when I came home last week because I haven't seen it since.
Hope yours comes back soon!
Hugs Lora xx

Anonymous said...

Hey hun its me again!

I have left you something on my blog & its all for you to help with your mojo!

Helen x