24 Aug 2009

A week of pleasure

Sorry I have not been leaving many comments for all my blogging buddies over the last week or so or blogging much myself.............I have had a child free week as both my boys went to stay with their aunt in London and had a wonderful time, so while the cats were away the mice did play .....(the metaphorical mice being Garry and me !!! lol) we were out every day having fun in the sun, 2 of the days we took the ferry over to Gun wharf quays in Portsmouth the weather was fantastic , we had 2 great days sitting at the waters edge sipping cocktails and enjoying lots of fine dinning (all forbidden foods .....well not exactly forbidden but defiantly not on my slimming world menu!!! so I shall be in trouble when I get weighed today !! back on the lettuce leaves now!! he he)
Anyway my boys are back home and we are back to normal so I will be back blog hopping to see what everyone has been making in my absence and leaving some well deserved comments in due course and doing a bit of crafting myself so watch this space !!! lol



Hi Susie
Well it looks fab it is nice to have a break sometimes,Hugs Dianne xx

TannyP said...

As long as great times were had, it's all good, Susie =)

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Looks like you have had a lovely week Susie & Garry, lovely clear blue skies too. Bet it was nice to have a little peace for the week lol. xxx