24 Sep 2009

More Clues; Where am I Candy

Its been a beautiful summers day today and we spent most of it on the beach, my 2 boys have been swimming is the sun warmed sea, Garry dozed and topped up his tan while I sat and coloured with my promarkers soaking up the sun.
But where were we ? well so far some of you have guessed the correct British Island we are on but no one has guessed the name of the village although some have come very close.
So here are a few photo clues , this the beach in the village which has a sailing club (I have had to crop the village name out of the photo on the sailing club) and this beach has the only human sun dial on the island (as far as I know).
We are are not far from the capital town of the island where we visited the oldest pub on the Island yesterday (circa 1648) The castle inn which is reported to be haunted and the barman told us spooky stories of ghostly sightings !!!
So come on I know you can do better than this and remember there is surprise candy for the first person to leave a comment with the right location, leave a comment on this post or the previous "Where am I??? candy" post to be in with a chance to win
................So where am I ????


vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Oh Susie it sounds like you are having a super time, i love the photo of the boys its nice to see one of them together and they look so happy. Enjoy your last evening and day tomorrow. Miss ya loads
Love n hugs
Viks xxxx

craftykitten said...

Hi Susie,
I think you are in Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight! Am I right????? Hope you have a fab holiday.
Dawn xx

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

You're in Gurnard!

Sue said...

I no i no, hope you having fabby time looks like you are, you picked a brill week. see you when you home. ello boys n gary.x

Kaytee said...

Are you in Douglas on the Isle of Man? The oldest pub on the Isle of Man is Rovers Return in Douglas. Are you in St. Mary's Isle? Douglas Bay???

Rufus said...

Haven't got a clue where you are, but it sure looks like you're having a fab time! Enjoy

Kaytee said...

NEWPORT!!! On the Isle of Wight.

Neenie said...

Are you in Bembridge, Susie? Wherever you are, it's lovely and looks like you're having a fab time!x :)

Kaytee said...

Hamstead? Cowes? Sandown?
Cowes has the sailing academy... so I think that might be my final answer LOL

Neenie said...

St Helens???

sugar n spice said...

Could it be Gurnard Bay on the Isle of wight. Hope you are all having a wonderful time.
Suzi xx

Sharon said...

I tried to cheat & read the name on the boathouse wall then read that you'd cropped it!!made me giggle anyway lol!!


Sharon x

P.s havent got a clue where you are but I'm envious.

Sharon said...

Have just googled human sundial & there's one in Biarritz !!!!!

On that note I'm off to bed !!!! pmsl!!!

Sharon x

Enfys said...

I haven't a clue where this is, but I want to know, it looks beautiful
En x

Katiejane said...

Gurnard? Oh, just realised someone else said that! Fab pics Susie xx

Spyder said...

Aw, I missed this! (and I know just where it is seeing I don't live that far away, as the seagull flies!) Lovely day out by the sea. I made a gnome sundial once... it was very small!

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