12 Sep 2009

New Promarker Colours at JS

Have you seen the new luscious Promarker colours that have just been released this weekend, I had to spoil myself as there is such a special offer on at Joanna sheen's online shop, you can get the full set of 56 pens for just £69.99 with free p&p check them out for yourself Here that works out at just £1.25 per pen such a bargain as some places sell them at about £2 each thats a saving of well over a third, and look at all those new pinks ....I can't wait to get my paws on them !! lol


Biscuitlid said...

oooh lucky lucky you, those colours are just fabbo.


Joanne said...

These colours look fabulous, you lucky lady but that is a fantastic price one not to miss out on.

Have fun with them


pinky said...

Oh my goodness, you lucky woman of course you are going to need them for all those new stamps you got too lol. Might have to give my cc a beating, that really is a good price.

Neenie said...

I've just bought them from JS too, Susie! Such a bargain, it was impossible to resist. Haven't the heart to tell my hubby yet, I'm just going to sneak them past and find somewhere to stash them, oh and hide my CC statement! Thanks for your fab comment on my blog too, hon. You are too kind.x :)

weewiccababe said...

Susie you are going to love them - I've had my sticky mitts on the since Thursday and I can't leave them alone

Joanne said...

Such a shame I missed the dead line for the challenge maybe I'll get it right next week, I still really enjoyed making the card and it's something I probably wouldn't of done other wise.

Joanne x