23 Sep 2009


Hi girls as you know I am away on holiday (if you didn't know then look on the post above and try to guess where I am to win the candy when I get back)
Anyway although I am away I have still been doing a little crafting (late in to the wee hours last night I did a bit of stamping & colouring while Garry was snoring on the sofa !! he he and I had an excuse not to clear away after I had finished ....as I had to take my photo today which I have just done).
I didn't want to miss out on Whats on your desk Wednesday (WOYDW) ............So not the same desk as usual but never the less still as untidy.......... well maybe not as untidy as at home as I was limited to what I could bring with me but I have made a few purchases over here as you can see in the second photo.
We are in an idyllic place very peaceful and very scenic and the place we are staying at is quite luxurious and I don't want to come home!! lol although I do miss all my stash that is being looked after back in Gosport by our friends Milly & Ross (again thanks for looking after the house for us you guys and we hope you are enjoying your holiday by the sea in our little palace !!lol)
Well that's my desk for this week I am off to look at the others now as I only have Internet access in the coffee shop and there is only so much coffee a girl can drink .......still at least its keeping me awake to craft into the small hours !!! lol
Why don't you pop over to Julia's blog Stamping ground and Join in with WOYDW its just for fun and I love having a rummage on other peoples desk ....don't you ?? come on now tell Susie the truth !!! lol


Julia Dunnit said...

This desk looks controlled! Love that you get to craft while away- thrilled that you're normally in Gosport - we're practically neighbours (I'm really close to Andover). So waht are all the mini clips for? Gotta plan? Do you normaly stamp loads of images and then colour them for stock or is this a holiday technique?

Linda Elbourne said...

I would be proud to have a desk that looks as industrious as yours ... note to self ... must try harder!

yvonne said...

FAB little space you have away from home ..
And fabby candys you have got yourself ( well you need more) .
As for guessing where you are .. i have not got a clue, lol so if you wish to give me a clue, i would not mind .. lets start with the address, lol

Mandi said...

OH gawd suse...here you go hun!


madni xx

Katiejane said...

A huge guess i may add......is it London? Only i see the shoes/bags and the glitter paper/flock and i know it's fashion week. Have you gone to the capital for a relaxing break?
Wherever you are Susie, have a fab time xx

Mandi said...

You are too kind, Suse, I did clear a bit to take the piccy otherwise you couldn't even tell there was a wooden desk under the tip ROFL

As Ive answered on my blog to you...if you can get past my German Shepherd you can have the punch LOL


Biscuitlid said...

wow if that's your holiday desk I@m too jealous!


Kaz said...

That's alovely tidy holiday desk. You really are organised taking stuff away with you.

Kathy said...

How come even with all that stuff out, your desk still looks neat and tidy? It's not fair. It just isn't!

Tracy said...

Cor your new crafting goodies look exciting. This desk today is definately tidier than your own normally Lol!
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Nicola said...

Ooh and who´s been buying more yummy goodies, good on you Susie and what a clever tidy girlie you are.
Nicola -x-

LadyBug said...

Thanks for popping over to look at my desk :) are you over here on the Island??? isle of Wight that is? if so where have you been shopping for stash? craft shops are pants over here :( I miss warehouse shopping :)

pinky said...

You have so many yummy craft products, wish I was house sitting for you! Your desk would be tidy when you got back mainly because I would have packed it all into my suitcase, hope you're enjoying your hols.

NormaJean said...

I love your desk and all the stuff on it, looks very cool!!