26 Sep 2009

Where am I CANDY ?????!!!!

More Candy !!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone just a quick post and a bit of a quiz type candy I'm on holiday in the UK but not on the mainland , (some of you will know where as I have been here before) but I have never stayed in this village on this part of the island before , I am not going to say where I am its for you to guess where I am !!! So the first person to guess the place (or if no one guesses it will be the person who guesses nearest to where I am) I try to post a scenic photo tomorrow but there wont be any clues in it so start guessing now.
Whats the prize CANDY??? well I will be craft shopping for something while I am here and let you know what it is when I have it and try to post you a photo of that too.
you have until the weekend when I get home to put your guess in a comment on this post and if you can put a link to this candy in your side bar that will be great just use my header picture as the picture in your side bar if you can.
Vikki NO you can't enter !! lol sorry hun you know to much !! he he
and neither can you Milly and Ross (my house sitters) sorry ........and no spilling the beans to anyone else either, I know all 3 of you can easily be bought for a cream bun or a little craft stash !!! lol

This post will stay at the top until this Candy ends on the 26th September
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Louise said...

Well, here goes ... somewhere that's not the mainland ... is it Northern Ireland?
Louise x

mitch1066 said...

mmmm isle of wight?

HazelQ said...

I'm guessing you're in IOW (Isle of Wight) :) have fun in your holiday!

Diamond Doll said...

Is it Shanklin IOW???? Hope your having a fab time.
Trish (-:

sugar n spice said...

Is it Canvey Island. think thats how you spell it. Have a nice time.
Suzi xx

ScrappingHappy said...

im going to try this even though i dont know you just joined your blog not to long ago is it wales

Neenie said...

Are you on the Isle of Man? Look forward to seeing your photo and hope you're having a fab time, wherever you are!!!x :)

Kaytee said...

Are you in Belfast?

Kaytee said...

Galway? Holyhead?

Ok those are my only three guesses (including Belfast from the last comment post).

Lisa said...

I don't know where you are but I am sure you are having a great time

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

I know I know!!!!! but im sworn to secrecy hehehehehe, Have a lovely time darling and chat when you get home xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Ha hhaa!! good candy game!!

Not sure how many guesses I can have so I will have 2 but Hmmm!
ok I don't know where you are hope its fun when you are and not to cold!

are in on Guernsey or Jersey??

I have added this to my side bar also and hope you have had a great time where ever you are!

Samantha :0)

Mandi said...

Well got to be IOW
Shanklin? Sandown?lol

have fun xx

sugar n spice said...

Hi Susie, don't know how many attempts we are allowed, could it be the Scilly Isles. Just delete if it's not eligible.
Hope you are having a great time.
Suzi xx

Lou said...

Hi Susie,
Hope your having a fab holiday!

I think its the Isle of Wight, and i'm gonna guess the village to be Cowes??

I have put a link in my side bar.

Good luck all!

Lou x

craft_princess said...

I have no clue but I hope your having a grand time!!

craftykitten said...

Hi Susie,

Clever candy. Well having read old posts I know that you have been to the Isle of Wight before so I guess that is where you are. Not sure about the village though.
Dawn xxxxx

SallyB said...

Hey Susie....isle of Wight...Cowes..Ryde..Blackgang Chine!!!???

Nikki said...

I have no idea so I looked up a map and thought "Isle of Skye"
Just because I liked the name LoL
Have a fun time

Lilacanglia said...

Is it East Cowes on the Isle Of Wight,
hope your having a fantastic time,

Kary Sol said...

Maby you in Puerto Rico or Playa? (joke)
I think you in Gurnard!
Have a nice holiday!

Craftyhan said...

Hi Susie......hope you are having a fab time in the IOW!

I think you might be in Bembridge....

Have fun,
Han x

Debz said...

The Isle of Sark?

Mandy said...

Isle of Whight - Cows!!!! or Ryde or even Newport, I give up just come home please I need you to open your shop lol
hugs Mandy xx