7 Oct 2009

Whats On Your Desk Wednesday ??!!

Well I can't believe its that time of the week again the weeks are just flying by but I'm still enjoying and looking forward every week to Wednesday and taking part in Whats on your desk Wednesday, since my shocking revelation last week when I showed photos of my very untidy craft area I have had a big tidy up .............honest I have !!! lol but you gotta have a bit of mess on your desk when your working and I do make at least 2 new thing a day so its not gonna stay tidy like some crafter's who have spotless desks but only make one or 2 cards a week of course then my desk would be tidy too as I would have no need to get anything out now would I !!! lol
But saying that I am not always untidy some of my treasured craft possessions are always kept in mint condition and good order ...take my Magnolia /Tilda stamp collection for instants they are cleaned after use put back in their packets and are all in order so I know where each one is, I have nearly 300 magnolias and I will have more tomorrow when the new spooky Halloween collection arrive !!
Yes I am a magnolia addict (as you can see from the photo I love my Tilda's, this is just half of my collection do you think I need help !!! lol) and I can't believe anyone could not love these stamps as much as I do, and I won't mention any names but there are certain people out there who have labeled Tilda a "Moomin" !!! lol and I have even heard of people wanting to crop off her wings !!! shock horror !!!lol I do feel like I have a mission in life to show the none Tilda lovers just how sweet she is OK so she has no mouth ...no ones perfect, go on just give the little lady a chance to steal your heart !!! I bet if you made a few cards with her she could win you over.
So anyway you can see I can be organized when I want or need too.
Right now I've shown you mine lets have a look at yours !!! lol why not join in WOYDW, all you have to do is take a photo of your work space post it on your blog and then leave a comment over at Whats on your desk Wednesday, which is on Julia's blog (Stamping Ground)..............come on you know you want too !! he he
Have a great evening everyone


Rach said...

love it... haha,
and wow how organised are all your magnolia's... my son would say thats ocd...lol.. enjoy your new stamps.. i have ordered mine as well from crafts u love yesterday.. so hopefully they will be dropping through the letter box soon...xxx

sammie@paperlily cards said...

wow!! u have a lot of stamps :)

Kaz said...

I'm afraid I'm in the other camp to you with Tilda's, unless there's a bar of choc to share and then I'd like her!!!

Loving your desk (and your cuppa soup). Nice and tidy xx

Tracy said...

One day I'll put a photo up of my organised crafting space, but you all might laugh Lol!
Glad to see you have something well organised, Tilda is very sweet although my Hubby thinks she's like something out of Ghost Whisperer(Awww).
Think you have OTD (obsessive Tilda disorder).
Happy crafting
Tracy x

HazelQ said...

Wow! I love your magnolias collections, they look so organized.

Jane said...

WOW that is a lot of magnolias!!
I only have one at the mo.....but they are on my ever expanding wish list...they are sooo cute!


Carisa said...

wowsa, you do have a lot of tilda stamps!!! love your wed post. LOL

NormaJean said...

Wow!! I love your magnolia collection it is so awesome. I have some and I love them, I would love see pictured
of all your stamps I envie you, I love rubberstamps so much I want more and more!! funny thing about the magnolia's how somepeople dont like them I made my mom a mother day card she love it after I left and when she wasnt looking my dad drew a nose and mouth on it....Boy was she mad..lol then for her birthday I made another when I gave it to her she hid it so my dad couldnt touch it...LOL
Hugs Normajean

LadyBug said...

I love seeing your deska nd your stamps are all so neat and clean!!! i have to be honest moomin isn't my favourite either ;) but if we all liked the same things life would be awful boring wouldn't it :)

Kaz said...

Hi Susie, you're right, the toolbox is an ariel washing tab box and it's very easy to do. Just undo it and decorate the inside, then stick it together inside out. I stuck white card on the inside so you don't see the product stuff and put card dividers in it to help keep them together xxx

Biscuitlid said...

OMG - how many magnolias!!!!!

I'm ashamed of how I store mine not any where near as many as you but mine are all shoved in a drawer.


sassy said...

love it suses....yer wanna see mine well actually i wish i could see mine its an absolout tip...lol!!!!! and my word what stunners of the crafting world your making..there all sensational darling......hugs lv sassx

Linda Elbourne said...

I have three things to say ... fab post ... fab desk and fab Tilda collection :0)

sugar n spice said...

Wow!! I want to come and play at your house, I love Tilda but I've only been stamping for about 5 months and have about 12 at the moment, I have about 40 stamps in total, boy do I have a long way to go. I've just taken a piccie of my desk, I'm going to be brave and upload it. Watch this space Susie.
Suzi xx

Julia Dunnit said...

It's OK, I didn't read as far as the bit you wrote about me calling them Moomins and lopping off wings and the collection!! ohEMGEE!! I love that! It doesn't matter what I htink does it - I love that you love 'em THAT much!! Your desk looks great again..can't agree more that if you work on it daily, it's going to get messy!!

Jo said...

I wouldn't dare show you my desk and I only buy the Tidas with Lollys or icecreams or the ones that are facing to the side!!! Jo x

scrappyjacky said...

Susie,I think some people might say that the fact that Tilda has no mouth is what DOES make her perfect!!!!!!!!!

Mandi said...

Cant show mine Im far worserer LOL


Hazel said...

Wow, what a collection - sure you've got enough - lol! x

Erin- said...

I love Tilda too! I'm staunch defender of her against those less enlightened souls that think she's creepy.

BTW what is a Moomin?!

Angie said...

Wow ...what a collection of stamps you have. As I once said before I didn't notice the lack of mouth until someone pointed it out. Some magnolia are a little too cute but I adore the backgrounds,walls ,seats etc ...so over all a thumbs up.

Donna said...

OMG,Susie..........HOW MANY TILDA's????
I don't even own one. LOL!! Although you are right, once you have made some cards with them,(from your stamped Images I won last week) they do grow on you. Or breed, in your case!! LOL!!
Donna x

yvonne said...

Desk is rather organised here to day !
As for the stamps .. come on you can't use that many at once, share,lol
thank for the nose, I still need to get some copics... arh , so much i WANT / NEED

Fran said...

cut off her wings?! i love that they have little wings, it's something to put sparkles on :) i am so jealous of your collection, i am pretty new to magnolias but i have a couple and am working on epanding my collection, can't wait to see what comes out for christmas!

Sam said...

LOL, don't forget I'm only round the corner, better check those doors are locked!!
Defo can't craft and be tidy, can't post a picture of my desk this week, I can't find it!!
You must have more Mags than the shops ;-)
Sam x

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

Wow what a great collection, I'm a total stamp addict, I have over a 1,000 stamps but not all magnolia of course. janex

Bianca said...

oh my god.. you are sooo organised... i wish i would be a bit too... LOL...

take care