14 Oct 2009

WOYDW ? OR Whats on Your Wall !!?

I have been playing with Christmas die cuts today getting the photos ready for my shop although I did colour a few images early this morning, what else is visible no the desk today ?........... my OPI Nail Envy that I can't live without, I know it's not a craft product but it lives on my desk.
My new CC designs stamps arrived today they are lovely, 3 Christmas angel Emma's and the pretty new Swiss pixie Birgitta, I had to ink one up straight away.
Not much else on the surface this week , no cuppa soup as I took my photo mid morning today in between coffees !! he heBut I have got something to show you on the wall, I have a pet hate and its the blooming silly packets that the nesties come in, I was going to buy CD or DVD cases to keep them in and then I was sitting in Costa coffee the other day and I suddenly for no reason remembered 2 hardboard canvas's I had sitting at home and thought if I stuck some double sided tape on them I could stick the nesties to it on the wall ....but by the time I had got home I had a better idea what if I stuck magnetic strips to the board !!? which is what I did and made 2 holes in each board to hang them up and now as you can see (one of them in the photo) all my nesties are easy to grab and use and more importantly easy to tidy away too.
Lastly I don't know if you all know but my husband Garry is just as crafty as me and does all the die cutting for my 2 online shops (so if you have ever ordered from me it will have been cut by Garry........... not me) and he also supplies me with all the chipboard shapes, plaques, hangers and die cuts I use to make my creations.
Unlike me Garry is very organized and puts everything away as he uses it, so I thought I would show you his desk as well today, its not really a desk more a work bench where he stands to cut everything (I don't know how he stands there to work I have to sit or I get back ache) I will only ever need to show you his desk/bench once as it always looks the same............. tidy !! He even has all the dies in order and can find the die he wants just like that.............now tell me "where the fun in that"!?? lol .
If you're brave enough!!! ..............take a photo and show us whats on your desk today, Just post your photo on your blog and pop over to Julia's blog Stamping Ground and join in Whats on your desk Wednesday by leaving a comment on the WOYDW post there.
Come on girls you know you what too !!! lol


Ann said...

What a brilliant idea to keep your Nestabilities tidy! I'm sure that idea will be copied a few times. And Garry's desk is far too tidy - he can't possibly do all that work you say he does! ;)

SallyB said...

Oh My...What a pair you are!!!!
I love the nestie idea! Genius!
Garry's desk and storage system is so lovely! Top marks to him!

Linda Elbourne said...

Bless Gary - he must be like my John ... likes everything in it's place ... which is why he has stopped coming in my craftroom ... it assaults his senses :0)
Love the nesties storage ... very clever!

yvonne said...

I am knicking that idea,for the nesties lol What a fab way to keep them at hand! Coffee is good for the mind, lol

What a fab workspace... needs some messing up don't you think ;P.
been waiting all day for you to post ,lol

Biscuitlid said...

ooh it almost looks tidy, have you been taking Vikki's advice any clearing away?

I got those angel Emma stamps this morning too but they've not seen ink yet!

Love Garry's orderly area, makes me feel ashamed of my mess


Julia Dunnit said...

OMG I love that litle three-some you've got going on your desk...die cut? You and Garry offset each other perfectly. Mind, where's the need to make a mess with one die at a time and a stack of paper??? Don't tell him!
Thanks for WOYWWing - fascinating stuff as usual!

LadyBug said...

I love your Husbands Craft bench! he's a tidy crafter at heart just like me :)

Tracy said...

Your desk looks JUST like mine Susie - even down to the OPI Nail Envy, and if my hubbie was allowed space in my craft area, it would be as tidy as Garry's! So irritating!!

Tracy x

pinky said...

Oh i love seeing your desk you always have the best goodies Susie. Brilliant idea for the nesties!!! If I had more i would defo do that. Can I borrow your hubby for a weekend to get me sorted? Oh by the way two on line shops, will have to investigate that, have only ever bought from one! Can't wait to get my prize, thanks for letting me know. Hugs

Neenie said...

Fab idea for Nestie storage, Susie! I really lose my rag when I've got to struggle with the cruddy packaging. I wonder if I could get away with pretending it's art and hang it on the lounge wall....... Oh, and the reason Garry can stand up for ages and not get a bad back is obvious. Well, he's never given birth, has he????x :)

NormaJean said...

Hi susie, I just love checking out your blog, what a great idea for the nestie, its sad to say I only have one set..but I want more.and I think its great your husband and you are such a team..I think my husband would be good at crafting but he wont..just one thing im bummin about you didnt take another picture or your stamp collection love looking.. and a post back you showed your A5 collection(or part of it..lol) what do you mean A5?
thanks and Hugs

Kim Piggott said...

Oh I love your super clever way of storage!
kim x

Rach said...

well tidy hun... and Garry... well that is super duper tidy!!!!
i am like you and would end up in agony if i was stood up doing all that cutting.xxx

Carmen said...

Am in awe at Garrys space - how does he do it? Am sure I'm like a magnet to muddle ;) Love your nesties idea - brainwave or what!

cats whiskers said...

Wow hun you are just so organized come and do mine for me!!!!!!!
Hugs Jacqui x

Kaz said...

Much as I like the tidiness of Garry's desk, I prefer yours as it's lived in.
Brilliant idea with the nesties. xx

Denise Clark said...

My walls are jam packed with shelving of all sorts that hold...what else...stamping stuff. LOL I am still in the process of rearranging my craft room but hope to get photos soon.