21 Oct 2009

WOYDW !!! ? (Plus a bit of last Saturday)

Messy desk today I thought it was time I had my Making Memories Slice machine out again as I have had it a year now, I got it from the USA when it was first released last year I played with it one afternoon and found it noisy popped it up on the shelf and shamefully that's where it stayed, I haven't even made anything with it, so today is the day I am going to create "something" with it.
Below is a photo of some more of my stamps (as requested by to be seen Norma-Jean last week), not that you can see much as the photos are a bit blurry coz it was the crack of dawn when I took the photo Saturday morning before heading off to ST Leonard's.
This is about a third of my stamp collection and this little lot is what I took on my 5 hour round trip to see my lovely friend Vikki when we had our stamp-fest at the weekend ...oh boy did we have fun all we did was Stamp, Eat Chocolate and Natter, the day went so fast we really needed a week to catch up on everything.
Although we have known each other over 3 years and had many many long phone conversations over the years we had never met face to face but we got on so well and Vikki and her lovely husband Dave made Garry and I very welcome ...in fact we didn't want to leave. But although the day seemed short we did get lots of stamping done.As you can see the desk wasn't to bad by lunch time ...........................But by 8pm there was a fair bit of tidying up to do !!! and not many chocolates left either!!lolAre you feeling brave today !!! ..............why don't you take a photo of your mess...oops I mean desk !! lol and show us "whats on your desk" today,
Just post your photo of your desk on your blog and pop over to Julia's blog Stamping Ground and join in the fun of Whats on your desk Wednesday by leaving a comment on the WOYDW post there.
Come on ladies you know you what too share your desk with us all !!! lol


Kaz said...

Suzie, no way is that desk messy!! It looks so organized. I'm loving your little words you've cut.

I so need to rummage through your stamps!! xx

Kaz said...

Just been to my blog and read your comment. The stamps are by Stampotique and you can get them at Happy Daze and the Stamp Attic. They are addicitive though!! xx

pinky said...

Oh I would still love a plunder around your craft room, so many stamps, think its time you had a sale lol. Lovely that you and Vikkie finally got to meet!

Kathy said...

I agree with Kaz - way too tiday - and all lined up straight too - very suspicious!

your stamp collection looks HUGE!

oh, and thanks for making me go back and look at my photos you were right, there are punches lying around EVERYWHERE! will try and tidy up more for next week!

LadyBug said...

My word! there's a few stamps there!!!!! and those choccy's look yummy might have to have a look about and see if I can find some of those!

Pam said...

Hi Susie thank for rummaging around my desk! I got my glass jars from IKEA (or as my husband calls it Iritating Kids In Every Aisle - you would think he doesn't have any kids) they were very cheap around £2-£2.50 for 4.

Pam x

jordiegirl said...

Desk - what desk! In fact what craft room!!!

I either craft on the dining room table or if I am in the living room I start off on one of our side tables and end up on the floor.

Mess, yes, there is always a mess when I am crafting and I put things down and can't find them.

Oh I wish my little house had space for a craft room - that would be luxury. I have to tidy up after every crafting session. Wish I had a desk to leave messy.

My craft stash lives all over the house, in the cupboard under the stairs, in wardrobes in the bedrooms, in drawers in the bedroom and in the sideboard in the living room. I'm no longer sure what I kept in the sideboard when we first bought it before I started crafting but whatever it was certainly doesn't live there now!!!! lol

NormaJean said...

Hi susie, I just love your work area, and thank you for the picture of the stamps and thats alot to be careing around.glad you had fun..
Hugs Normajean

jordiegirl said...

What a lot of stamps you have.

I don't have half as many as that but feel quite guilty about the few I have because I hardly ever use them!

I've had a Xyron Wishblade for about 2 years and have only used it a couple of times because it has to be connected to the computer. I have only cut out a few basic shapes plus some letters and welded words. I wish I could live up to their motto 'Wish it, cut it' - but as yet I haven't worked out how to get my wishes into the machine to get it to print them!!!!!

Milliesmarvels said...

Thanks for visiting my desk today :-)
Your desk is NO WAY messy! I loved seeing all your stamps, I would think I had died and gone to heaven if I had all of those!
I like the words you cut with your slice. I got my Xyron wishblade out of the box again today and with a little help we finally managed to make it cut letters without tearing the paper. Major achievement! I clubbed together with 2 other crafty friends a year ago to buy it but we were put off by how complicated it seems to be to get the cutting adjusted so it works! You never know, I might have actually made something with it by next Wednesday! Doubt it though!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Good grief - that's untidy? No mate. Page back to WOYWW at my blog for the last couple of weeks. I KNOW untidy!! Loving your stamp collection!

scrappyjacky said...

OMG Susie.....I've only ever seen so many stamps in a shop.....I am soooooooo envious.

Fran said...

wow, i should show my other half some of your pictures, he would never complain about the ammount of stamps i have again! maybe one day i will get close... i wish, but probably not :) i just love seeing what in on your desk every wednesday.

Craftyrose said...

Wow Susie I'm jealous! I think you should have a "show us your stamp collection thursday spot"!! Then we can all salivate even more!! ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Yvonne said...

LOL, you do make me LOL.
One min fine, all neat and workable, then BANG the mojo is off and so your desk gets coverd, lol Fab hun x

genie said...

hi susie..would like to ask you regarding the slice machine, nice to use?

Susie Sugar said...

Its lovely , very nice Genie
cut really smoothly and quite fast only thing I would say is its a little noisy as I like to watch TV while crafting
But overall I would give it 9/10
Hugs Susie xx

genie said...

Thanks for the info dear!