28 Oct 2009

WOYDW.......New toys

On my desk today you can see I have had new toys delivered today !!! lol I treated myself to the new Sizzix Texture Boutique its a little embossing machine to use all the Sizzix, Cuttlebug and Quickutz embossing folders in, it saves me having to get up and walk across the room to put them through one of the Bigshot machines ....lazy I know but it looks so cute, shaped like a sweet little handbag and it takes up no space at all so I can just sit it on the corner of my desk unlike the great lumpy Bigshot.
Its made especially for embossing folders and does not die cut, but works really well , it only arrived this morning and I have already had a little play with it (as you can see) and I'm very impressed with the little fella.
Just beyond that you can see 2 punches , which were my only purchase from QVC's craft day last week (Wasn't I a good girl!! he he) and they are fantastic too, its a set of Martha Stuart punches which consists of a corner punch and a boarder punch which when used together they enable you to create an edge round the whole of the outside of your page or mat ......how fab is that !!? The piece of paper you can see I have had a go on was my first try and it was so easy and looks great don't you think ?
Well all that and the postman hasn't even been yet !! (coz they arrived by courier) so if anything else yummy arrives later with the postman I might be back with a WOYDW #2 post !! lol
But for now I must get on I have my Sister in-law and niece and nephew coming down from London for lunch and my nephew is going to be staying for a few days so lots to do, a busy day for me today.
But are you feeling brave today !!! ...........why don't you take a photo of your desk top and show us "whats on your desk" today,
Just post your photo of your desk on your blog and pop over to Julia's blog Stamping Ground blog and join in the fun of Whats on your desk Wednesday by leaving a comment on the WOYDW post there.
Come on girls let's have a rummage round your stash it's so much fun and you know you what too share your desk with us all !!! lol


Yvonne said...

Oh i think i may NEEd one of them .. just for the sweetness of it.

Lora said...

ooooh I like your new toy too. I was thinking of buying one of the Martha Stewart border and corner punch sets but wasn't sure if it would be easy to use.
I think I will have to get some now lol.
Hugs Lora x

Mummylade said...

What a wonderful little item, sure looks like a handbag. supercute!

the box is btw a template from Timeless templates called Tucked away.

have a lovely day hun

Katiejane said...

Ooh what a fab new toy Susie and how adorable it looks xx

Tracy said...

Wow I like your new goodies, they look fab. Have fun!!!
Happy crafting
Tracy x

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Ooooh me likes it! It looks so sweet and just right for keeping on the desk. And love those punches Susie, they make a great edge dont they, look forward to seeing what you create with those. xxxxx

Diamond Doll said...

Oh My what fab new goodies, i wanted the MS punches from QVC but missed out they were sold out Boo Hoo.
Trish (-:

Ann said...

Mmm, how many Cuttlebug folders do you have in that there box? It looks like every one they produce!!
I'm just jealous.
And those Martha Stuart punches produce such a lovely finish to a page don't they? but I missed out on them from QVC. I'll have to look elsewhere when funds allow.
Have a nice day with your relatives visiting.

Kaz said...

Oh Susie you're a lucky girl!! Look at all those embossing folders! I have my cuttlebug next to my desk and I still think it's a nuisance having to get it all out!! SO I'm with you on the lazy front.

That punched card looks fab btw xx

Chrissie said...

Now you're just showing off Susie. What a lot of fab gear! I wouldn't mind playing with some of those babies! I may just drive down the road and pay you a visit! Those Martha Stewart punches appeal to me!

Mandy said...

Oh huw cute is that litte toy, I go green with envy everytime you show your stash
hugs Mandy xx

Sue said...

hi hun
aww now isnt that cute i'd have it hangin off me arm! lol.hope you ok, sue.x

Linda Elbourne said...

I LOVE new toys ... very cute on the cute scale too :0)

Kathy said...

ooooooh doesn't your new toy look pretty? And I do feel that those new punches would look so much better on MY desk! btw, I wasn't upset by your counting my punches last week - more amused that you'd noticed because I had no idea there were so many! The one you didn't notice today was a corner rounder tucked under the clutter near the drawers. I think maybe we should start a "Where's Wally?" type game with our various punches! lol

Biscuitlid said...

oooh what an adorable toy / treat! I too only made one purchase on craft day - the Martha stewart christmas stamps.

Feeling the envy of your embossing and cutting...............sob


Donna said...

Ohh, I always look forward to seeing your workdesk Susie! How cute is that little embosser? and.....I NEED those punches now!!

Nikki said...

Ohh Nice toys :) Love your new MS punch

Wipso said...

I love the look of your new 'toy'. What fun. Enjoy. A x

Carmen said...

Ooh you know what? I was thinking of rebuying a Cuttlebug (sold it last year) but I only wanted it for embossing - this one would make so much more sense. Thank you so much for showing us your little beauty. Would you mind letting me know how much it was? Christmas is a coming and OH might need some nudging :D

Gail's Card Cafe' said...

OMG I saw one of those at the Scrapbook Expo in Sacramento a few weekends ago and they are soooooo cute! Couldn't believe it when they said it was an embosser. hmmm. wonder if I can 'dress' up my Cuttlebug lol

Julia Dunnit said...

If it saves you crossing the rom and interrupting the creative flow, it's a legitimate purchase. And soooo pretty!!