19 Nov 2009

Giving Thanks to Christine

I have just been given this lovely award by Christine Thank You so much darling your are a star and you have a great blog .....so if any of my readers haven't yet visited Christine's blog please pop over for a peek.
The rules with this award are that I have to tell you 5 things I love..so here goes
1) My Husband Garry and my 2 lovely sons Reid & Woody (I know that's 3 in one but I love them all equally so they all come top of the list and I need the other 4 goes as I love to many things !! lol)
2) My wonderful Life (and I hope it last a long time ...I got so much more to do yet!!)
3) Crafting & Blogging (I know 2 again ....well I am just darn greedy aren't I !! he he)
4) My Friends (Yes that includes you lot !! lol)
5) Chocolates, cake, biscuits and all things sweet (there told you I was greedy !!! lol)
now to pass this on to 5 other lovely bloggers so here goes..
Julia for making my Wednesdays so much more fun with WOYDW
Kaz For being K.A.Z; Kind,Arty & Zany !!
Sam for all the lovely comments you leave me thank you, you always say the nicest things about my wall hangers.
Vikki for just being You !!
Jo for putting up with me always being late ....be it replying to emails or with my cuddly pages!! sorry Jo x
Well that's me done for the day back tomorrow with some more creativity !!
Sweet dreams

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