11 Nov 2009

Please Have a Heart .......................

Victoria is giving away this candy to raise funds for a charity very close to her heart,
SANDs Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity:

Many of her regular followers will know that 3 years ago, Victoria's first baby Flynn tragically died when he was just two days old following birth complications at 42 weeks.
Victoria would have been lost without the love and support she and her husband James both received from this wonderful charity.
The death of a baby is a devastating experience I also know first hand as I too lost a daughter between having my 2 wonderful sons, the effects of grief can be overwhelming for not just the parents but also for their families and friends, everyone concerned can be left feeling dazed, disorientated, isolated and exhausted. It can be hard to take in information, to make decisions or to imagine how you are going to cope. At Sands there are people who understand what it's like because many have been through this experience themselves, and are there to help & offer support and information when you need it'.
In the UK alone, 17 babies are born asleep or die shortly after birth every single day.
How to help and enter:
Victoria would like you to send her your handmade cards and with envelopes and /or gifts wrapped in a saleable state. She will then pass these on to SANDs who will sell and keep 100% of the proceeds to help set up new SANDs groups across the UK.
Victoria will post back at a later date how much money is raised.

  1. Create a card or handmade gift. Cards can be for any occasion or theme.
  2. The you must send the item/s to Victoria
    You can create as many items as you like, each item = 1 entry to Victoria's candy
  3. Email Victoria at bluejellycandy@sky.com for an address to post your items to
  4. Pop your name down on Mr Linky for each item sent. E.g. 5 cards = 5 entries. No limit to number of entries per person
  5. Post a photo of Victoria's
    candy along with a link on your blog please to help raise awareness
  6. Candy closes 9th December 2009
So please pop over to Victoria's blog for more detail (in case I have forgotten anything!!)
I have made my first gift its the covered note book with the bear at the start of this post and its packed in a cello bag ready for the Sands team to sell to raise money for the cause
and will be on its way to you tomorrow Victoria


pinky said...

I will definitely send some Susie.

Neenie said...

Thanks for this post, Susie! Will send some cards off, as soon as I can get them organised. Fab notebook, hon! I've just bought a stack of the little 15p ones from Asda and am in the process of altering them for Xmas stocking fillers.x :)

Biscuitlid said...

thank you so very much for the big up, it will I know help the charity so much.

I'm touched by your kindness


Nicola said...

Totally gorgeous sweetie and for such a good cause too.
Nicola -x-