9 Dec 2009

WOYDW "Porridge & Punches"

Morning girls, no your in the right place........... I'm not getting ready for panto you haven't walked in on Goldie locks and the three bears!! I thought I would share my breakfast with you today, I was up early to finish Woody's birthday card (Woody is my youngest son for those of you that don't already know) its his birthday today so we are out for a meal tonight to the eat all you can stuff Chinese which we love!! So I have porridge for breakfast today and then save my appetite for tonight ...........no chocolate on my desk today !!
My desk is a bit of a mess and nothing really exciting to see this week as I am so behind with my Christmas cards although I am getting there, I finished 2 this morning one you can see on the edge of my lap top waiting to be photographed for a challenge.
But I have got something to show you (well its really to show my WOYDW punch addict buddy Kathy!!) I found these new punches I don't know if any of you have seen them yet , they are by a company called Nellies you get 2 in a set and there are 2 sets in different sizes, in each set you get a regular flower punch which you can see in the photo has the solid silver flower on and then the second punch in the set (the one that has the outline of the flower) is an embosser.
So you punch your flower and then you open up the embossing punch pop the punched flower in and press as you would a normal punch and it embosses lines on the petals and shapes the flower and the end result is a flower much the same shape as some of the Prima type flowers you can buy the good thing is you can make flowers to match you projects and in the same designer paper to coordinate, great idea and I'm sure other companies will catch on and there will soon be lots more designs out there.
You do need both sets really to make the flower , there are also 2 other punches in the range a leaf branch which I didn't buy as I have the MS one which I prefer and also a small sort of star/snowflake shape punch that is to be used as the center of the flower but I didn't like it as I like to use a brad for the center to give a bit of dimension, well I hope that punch info was useful to you, to be honest before I started blogging I didn't much care for punches I thought they were old fashion but they have grown on me a lot in the last year, now I'm always punching things !!!
Now if you feel like joining in the fun of WOYDW all you have to do is take a photo of your desk....... just as it is right now, don't go and tidy .....show us all of your creativeness!!!
Then just post your photo on your blog and pop over to Julia's blog Stamping Ground blog and join in all the fun of Whats on your desk Wednesday by leaving a comment on the WOYDW post, you'll soon become hooked and find you can't wait to get over to Julia's place every Wednesday (to meet up with all the girls and to rummage round every ones desk!!)
Thanks for dropping by to check out my crafty space , have a fun day................


sam said...

Wow ace punches Susie - bet they arent cheap though but saying that some of the flowers arent that cheap and you run out eventually. Glad to see you entered the Design Dollies white challenge. They have three challenges a week over there and if you're uber sassy (like yourself) you can do all three in one.Hmmmm me thinks - I'm struggling with the white at the mo so no chance of me doing it this week.
Happy birthday to Woody and enjoy your chinese tonight hun
Sam x

Julia Dunnit said...

As usual, your desk is loaded with interest! The punches look fab...will really add to your flowers to sell, huh. My snowflakes were cut on the Cricut. Menawhile, have a fab chinese..we're off for moroccan tnight, to a chum's. Change from turkey, huh! Happy Returns, Woody!

Chrissie said...

Hmmmmmmnnn, those puches look interesting. I was trying to work out how big they are from the your mat grid... didn't do terribly well.
I'm off out for a Christmas lunch at my club. Got the cards, wrapped the secret Santa pressies. Almost ready for off!Enjoy your Chinese!

Margreet said...

Firstly happy birthday to Woody and enjoy the Chinese tonight!
Like your deskphoto's and your stories, too. I know the punches but have not bought them myself. I still doubt for I have already so much other flower punches.
xxx Margreet

Jo said...

Hi Susie, I have these punches and they are fab, I have to restrain myself from putting flowers on everything now!! Enjoy your chinese tonight and happy birthday to Woody, tell him all the best people are born on 9th December as it's my birthday too!!! Hugs Jo x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Busy desk Susie :) Those punches are a great idea! Enjoy tonight ;)
Anne xx

Linda Elbourne said...

Yummy porridge ... Yummy Punches and Yummy yummy chinese ... I am off to find chocolate ... I feel quite hungry now :0)

Tracy said...

Tell Woody Happy birthday, Enjoy your meal tonight. I really want some of those punches, they look so great. I bet the flowers look beautiful done with those.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

tamara davis said...

what a cool punch set! I definately want to add those to my tools!

Pam said...

Hi Susie, I love those punches. I can't belive you haven't got a big tape gun like mine, I've only had min 3 weeks, I was at a card club and lady there had one so had a bit of a play and when I got home went straight on ebay and purchased my own; I love it as its double sided tape without the backing tape to peel off (the bain of my life) and its ultra sticky so in theary you don't need so much(!) Enjoy your chinese me and my DD are going to have fish and chips tonight. Hope Woody has a fab birthday. Hugs Pam x

Kaz said...

Oh My Goodness!! I need those punches and I need them NOW!! You are so very naughty showing me things Ican's live without and all just before Christmas. Hhmm I wonder if anyone still has to buy me something?!

Hope Woody has a very Happy Birthday and you all stuff your faces. In the nicest possible way xxx

Nikki said...

Ohh Susie I love those Punches Now they are soo going to the top of my wish list and your desk is just so wonderful is that flocking up top there too

Mu-Ha said...

Это что-то! Нам пока только мечтать о таком;(
Жду результатов!!!

Biscuitlid said...

ooh I've seen those punches before and wanted them but didn't realise they were nellies, must go shopping!

ps enjoy tonight

Sam said...

huh - I've never seen punches like that - must go an investigate!!!

I must say that I very very rarely eat or drink anything on my desk because I am absolutely certain that I'd knock it over or dunk something in it!! ;-)

Wipso said...

Gorgeous punches Susie. You should use them and sell the flowers you make cos they would be lovely to have a few to use. I don't do a lot of paper crafting and couldnt justify buying the punches for the few I would use.
A x

Wipso said...
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sammie@paperlily cards said...

Great punches, love looking at things on your desk its so amazing...its my dream desk!! lol.
Hope u enjoyed your chinese and woody had a luvely birthday.
sammie x

LadyBug said...

Those punches look really interesting. I might have to have a look about for them. I use prima and prima type flowers all the itme and never seem to have enough of the right colour or shade (IYKWIM).

SueH said...

Oh wow Susie, those punches are something else!

You know, I’m beginning to hate Wednesdays because you girlies had such wonderful treasures on your desks and I’m getting a wish list that’s longer than my arm.


Kathy said...

ooooh nice punches! Good to see them lined up and standing to attention;)
That second picture...have you piled so much on the end of your desk that it's tipping over under the strain?