25 Jan 2010

Sweet Friends

I would like to say thank you as I have been given this yummy award by the lovely 3 lovely ladies who all have fantastic blogs please if you haven't visited them pop over and see all the beautiful creations they have been making the 3 ladies are Tracy, Christine and Helen thank you all for giving me this lovely award.
With awards come rules
List 10 things that make you happy,
try to do at least one of them today, and tag 3 bloggers that brighten your day.
So the 10 things that make me happy are;
1. My lovely Husband Garry who I met 7 years ago today !!
2. My 2 sons Reid & Woody who I love dearly
3. My BFF Vikki coz she is always here for me always leaves lovely comments on my blog and is a great support to me
4. Blogging (of course !!)
5. My DT girls who all make me giggle most days and today is no exception thanks to Nicola this morning
6. Crafting (of course)
7. Whats on your desk Wednesday thanks to Julia who has made Wednesday a happy day all round for lots of crafty girls
8. The Summer and days at the beach (I hate this cold weather)
9. Getting published in the Magnolia Ink Magazine last week ....Sorry I had to slip that in I'm still floating on cloud nine I should be back down to earth sometime very soon !! lol
10. And last but not least CHOCOLATE !!!!
Right I now am supposed to pass this one to 3 bloggers that make me happy .....not an easy task as I love blog hopping and have met lots of bloggers that make me smile , laugh, happy and inspired but if I have to pick just 3 today it will have to be Vikki, Julia and Helene


Mummylade said...

Thank you so much hun, warms my heart here in the polar region =)

Julia Dunnit said...

OMgee, am hardly worthy, but I'll take it, thanks!!

Nicola said...

Wink wink. -x-