22 Feb 2010

Thank you Paula

Last week the lovely Paula from Paula's paper playground read This post of mine and said I made her laugh which made me happy to think I had brightened someones day , I always get a warm feeling if I make someone smile or laugh after all that what life is all about spreading a little happiness and when Paula gave me this award it made me happy too, thank you Paula.
If all you crafty girls out there haven't visited Paula's blog yet .....well you should she makes the most amazing paper roses and has a fab step by step tutorial on her blog Here so get yourself a coffee/tea and go and have a peek.
I now have to pass this award on to another blogger so I choose Mandy at "A sprinkling of Glitter" who's blog always makes me smile and is a great read especially last week about the very rude impatient people that emailed you about the candy ... I wanted to scream "let them have it girl!!" lol well said Mandy, reading that post and a few others in blogland has made me re-think my own rules on how I give candy away, after all blogging /crafting is supposed to be fun not a smash and grab for candy, I have been to some blogs of people that have entered candy and all they have is a long list of candy no crafts or cards etc it seems like they make a career out of entering candies !! lol I love to give a little candy but its sights like this that have pushed me to say on my candy giveaways that I don't want my readers to advertise it on their blog ............shhh keep it a secret and let only regular readers find it, as a treat. On that word I will end my rant ...yes its over !!! lol and I will be back later with a card and to announce which of my lovely readers is the winner of this weeks mini candy .
Have a lovely day everyone


Stressed Stamper said...

Also read Mandy "rant" good for her I thought. Off today as off into hosp for a little opp, be home tonight, so will catch your posting then.

Tracy said...

I saw Mandy's post too, I only enter candy of the people I follow on a regular basis, Mandy hit the nail right on the head I think.
I like the way your doing your candy at the mo Susie.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

☼ Cheryl* said...

Aww thats so nice of Paula, the award is lovely!
I read Mandy's post about her candy and was so so shocked at how some people have the nerve to email her for being 1 day later than she said! It's so rude. I have also seen them candy only blogs and I also think thats so rude too!

JulyeB said...

Hi Susie, I think Mandy's blog is fun too just like yours and life should be fun, after all politeness and smiles cost nothing but can mean so much, and if we can't rant to our blog friends who can we rant to that's what friends are for right. Well done on your award julye

Mandy said...

Awww Susie thank you soooooooo much hunny, I loved your little rant then too lol.
I'm glad I let off steam it seems loads of people feel the same way.
I love reading your blog and you give us all so much inspiration, so thank you, mwah
love n hugs Mandy xx

HazelQ said...

I just read Mandy's post and wow.. talk about being rude! I can't believe some people would do that, I mean you give candy away because you want to thank your readers, is not an obligation. I guess I'm going to follow your rules too on my next candy, I gave candy away on my bday and even though I didn't loose followers I saw that many that entered my candy don't have a "crafting blog", they only have blogs with candy advertisement. Anyways, thanks for opening my eyes lol
Have a nice day!

Paula Gale said...

Susie - so glad you accepted the award - glad also that it cheered you up!!! You certainly made my day - but moreso that you came out relatively unscathed!!

Thank you for the link to my handmade flowers too. Have a lovely creative day


Paula x x x

craft_princess said...

Congrats on the award and I read
the rant over on Mandy's blog!
It was a good read! :)

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

Congrats on your award...!!! and i also read and commented on mandys blog about the people email her... i just dont know ...some people ... i always thought crafters where not like that... but i guess these people turn up everywhere in the end.. most of us are happy to lend a hand.. share a hint... give inspiration( i love that bit) and have fun... lets hope it stays that way.. and these people dont spoil our fun...!!! and stop people sharing idea's....

Sheng said...

Ahhh hahaha....lol...this blog post was interesting to read at the beginning and then it got even more juiceyer when you mentioned about Mandy's blog candy. Hehehe...
I also read about those emailers and was astoned that they even had the guts to do that.

This made my day. Thank you for the laugh.

xoxo hugz


Biscuitlid said...
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Ruthie said...

Gonna have to go over and read Mandy's post now! Got me interested!


Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

Congrats on your award hun, you always make me chuckle & smile!!

I shall pop over to Paula's after I've caught up with you...I turn my back for 5 seconds & you've made so much gorgeous stuff I have to look at it all & comment!!

Nicola said...

Congrats on this lovely award and thanks for the smiles you always pass my way Susie. Must read Many´s post, I only enter blog candy´s on peeps that I follow and comment on.
Nicola -x-