10 Feb 2010


Just a little look at my desk today as I'm still not feeling 100% but couldn't let Wednesday go by without joining in.
At the top of the photo you can see 2 get well cards I have received the one with Tilda holding the pie is from my Woody he's such a sweetie and the other one pink with hearts is from our Victoria another sweetie as the card came with a box of chocs, how lucky am I !!
My desk is in a bit of a mess as I had too make 2 quick cards, remote control there because I recorded QVC's TSV last night its MS punches but I didn't buy them as I have one out of each set choice but they are good value.
Well I hope you are all crafting in the warm we have a little flurry of snow falling here I hope its not going to settle, I was talking to our Vikki on the phone this morning and she tells me snow is falling fast along her stretch of the coast in east Sussex, I told her to keep it up there !!
Right its time for another lemsip so I'm off now, please forgive me if I don't get round and see all your desks today I will try my best.
If you feel like sharing your desk , post your photo on your blog and pop over to Julia's blog and leave a link in a comment on on the WOYDW post
Have a fun day


Yvonne said...

Hun , wishing you a speedy recovery. Not good when you feel poorly. Desk looking rather in control than normal. great to see you have had some lovely get well cards, and of casue the chocs are always a welcome. thinming of you xx


Hi Susie
Hope you are feeling better soon,take care,
hugs Dianne xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Poor you, so glad you joined us for WOYWW...I see you forgot to post me that £20!! Be kind to yourself, rest rest rest till you're better.

Sam said...

oooh - I spy a twenty pound note!! What are you going to spend that on? :-)

Wipso said...

Poor you. Hope you get really well very soon and when you do don't forget to send me that £20 note on the desk.....oh dear I see I am not the only one with their name down for it :-)
A x

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Susie
desk not too bad Im just in threw the door so its a bit late posting now, there is nothing happening on my desk anyway, hope will feel better soon.
Chris x

Anonymous said...

Hi Susie
Sorry you're not feeling too good, hope it passes soon. You've obviously been in a very flowery mood this week, reminds me that I need some more Prima's! Perhaps you could lend me that 20 quid so I can go and buy some???!

Pam said...

Sorry to hear you are still not feeling great hope you start to eel beter soon. Hugs Pam x

Julie said...

Sorry you're suffering Susie - look after yourself!! Does it have anything to do with the stash cash sitting on your desk? Go and spend it and you'll feel much better!! Works for me! Juliex

Loz (Aus) said...

Hope you're feeling better real soon! I'm sure it's much nicer to be rugged up inside with snow outside, than sweating in 40º celcius humidity.... take care x

Paula Gale said...

Hi Susie - hope you're feeling better soon. How lovely that you received a couple of get well cards AND chocolate.

Hope you up to your crafting self soon

Paula x x x

Nikki said...

Feel Better soon Susie at least the chocolates will keep you smiling :)
Hugs Nikki

Jo said...

Hope you will be feeling better soon. Thinking of you, and admiring the fact that even when you're not 100% your desk is still tidier than mine!

Love and hugs.

Jo xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Oh Susie sorry you're still suffering, it's certainly taking some shifting whatever it is :( I'm miffed I missed the Martha Stewart stuff on QVC didn't know they had a TSV this week1 I've got a little something for you on my blog which I hope will cheer you a little - hop over when you've got the strength ;)
Anne xx