8 Jul 2010

Back in the old days when I always told the truth !!! (Candy)

Hi Girls just a quickie before I go to the beach I want to tell you who won my sassy little topper kit ...........made up of large scallop die cuts from my shop Die cut Dreams that have been stamped with some really sassy girlie images hope you like them.
Right lets see who spotted the Truth !!! ? this time the right answer was
2. When I was pregnant with Woody I arranged for Prince Andrew to come and open our new local school
How did this come about ? well I was part of the governing body at the local school which was over 100 years old and about to be knocked down as a new school was being built.
In one of the governors meetings the chairman (who was very straight laced, about 102 years old and thought a woman's place was in the home at the sink washing up ...you know the type !!)asked who we should get to open the new school and as the lovely Carol vorderman was local he put her name forward but another parent Governor and myself felt we should aim higher and that someone a little more famous should be considered so when we said we thought we should ask the priminister ....well all hell broke out with laughter the chairman rocked back on his chair laughing his head off saying we had no chance but if we though we could do it to go right ahead and give it a try, sitting red faced and fuming to think that this old frump thought myself and the other mum were just a couple of housewives who couldn't organize a bun fight at the zoo (Putting it politely !!! lol) made me so mad and determined to show him what we could do !!
But when contacting no.10 we found out that the PM is booked up almost a year in advance for this sort of appearance so it was back to the drawing board, so we decided to contact the Lord Lieutenant asking if any of the royal family would be available to open the new school and sure enough he replied that Prince Andrew was available, OMG we were over the moon he was able to help but even more over the moon that we could show the old frump that we could do it and that our earlier red faces didn't end up with egg on !!! lol
We also managed to get David Blunkett MP(before his downfall) and Fiona Mctarget MP to join us and it turned out to be quite a big event .
The roads were closed off for the royal arrival and people lined the streets waving flags trying to get a glimpse of the prince and a great day was had by all.
So there you have it the day the Pregnant Princess (Me !! lol) met a Prince ....and you know "He was quite charming too" !!
Right now this weeks winner is .........
Sarah Rainmac
please send me your address and I'll get your little kit off to you asap
Have a great day I'm off to the beach to craft in the sun , so I'll catch you tonight, have fun

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Margreet said...

congrats Sarah!
xxx Margreet

Jessie said...

Great story Susie!

Nicola said...

Awe what a super true story Susie, I have really enjoyed reading the events. Congratulations Sarah, enjoy your fab candy.
Nicola -x-

craftykitten said...

Clever old thing you!! Puts a whole new meaning on the phrase "Woman of many talents". Great photo.
Dawn x

Rainmac said...

It's me, it's me, it's me!!! Thank you so much Susie for picking out my name and for arranging for Prince Andrew to come visit xxx

Lorraine said...

congrats huni and thanks susie xx

craft_princess said...

Congrats Sarah! And Susie you sure are tricky!

sammie@paperlily cards said...

congrats sarah i know you going to love your goodies.
susie im so jealous of you crafting on the beach i been stuck in work all day :(

Sandra said...

Good for you!

garden furniture said...

oh ! ya i am with you you are absolutely right...