8 Jul 2010

Candy Girls from the dark side !! Truth or lies ???

Sitting here waiting for my chauffeur to arrive home from work !!(OK I mean Garry !! lol) I though I would post this weeks commenter's candy up early seeing as I'm beginning to slip back into my old ways of always being late !!
So right it's Die cuts this week from my shop Die cut Dreams and they have been stamped with some creepy new girls from TGF there are only 8 images stamped on 6 die cuts just a little taster and if you love them like I do you can buy the stamps from Bunny Zoe’s Crafts .
Also there is a nice selection of the largest 5.5" square die cuts from my shop for you to play with and that's not all a pack of WeRmemorie Keepers coloured eyelets ....am I spoiling you or what ?!! lol.
Now the fun bit ....to be in with a chance to win the above prize first you need to find the LIE amongst the following 6 statements, 5 are true but ONE is a down right porky !!! can you tell me which one is the lie , you must also abide by the commenter's candy rules there is a link further down to the rules.
So here we go ....fact or fiction !!!?
1. My favourite colour is Pink
2. I don't much like the colour yellow
3. My car is Red
4. since I was a child I have a special ability to remember things by associating them with colours and numbers
5. I have a Mensa IQ of 155
6. Although I never use it (coz I always come and go via my back door in the garden )I have a Red front door
You know what to do and if you don't well here's the Commenter's candy RULES
Back with the truth Monday night (I hope !! lol)
Have fun catch you later have a great day

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Judith Veldhuizen said...

I think you don't have a red car.. so number 3 is a lie .

craftykitten said...

Now if you had a red car why would you need a chauffeur????? LOL - unless you mean the family car is red!! IQ of 155 - hmmmmm - now I know you are a clever lady but is that a bit high??? - even for you??? Hmmmm torn now - I'll go with the car I think!!
Dawn x

Nicola said...

Ooh gotta go with Mensa sweetie but again if you had a red car why need a chauffeur? Nah will stick with No 5 so don´t shoot me!
Nicola -x-


Hi Susie
I think number 3,
hugs Dianne xx

Rainmac said...

Hmmmmm, I'm going to say I don't think you have a red car so number 3 is the fib (I think!?) xxx

Margreet said...

I guess 5....IQ 155....seems very high to me....although I think you're a clever lady!!!!
Enjoy your stay at the beach!
xxx Margreet

Lisa said...

I'll go with 5

Lorraine said...

Hi susie first i would like to say awesome candy i love the shapes and images are fab too.Now i have been thinking and i am also going with no.3 have a great day xx

craft_princess said...

I'm guessing number 5 is the lie but truly just a guess!

kaos said...

Hmm...difficult, but I think I'd go with no. 2 ... don't know why though...

all the best

Rosa-kreattiva said...

n. 3... e spero nella fortuna ciaooo

sammie@paperlily cards said...

mmmm tricky one this week really dont know so im going to go with number 4 the colour and number thing as a guess
sammie x x

Sandra said...

I am going with number 5 - do you know what your IQ is? I have no clue of mine ....

Theresa said...

I have to say #5. 155 is very high but could be wrong. I just know that pink is your favorite color.

Biscuitlid said...

I'm thinking you don't much like yellow!

I'm sure I'm wrong but something is niggling me to say that!


Elenka8791 said...

love your blog.
I don't know your car color, but... #5 I guess)

garden furniture said...

theres a new series on E! called Candy Girls and i like the song in the commercial but i dont know what its called. It has kind of a whistling beat. please help