17 Jul 2010

It's a Roll-over Candy and more Lies !! he he

Hi Girls are you ready for some more fun and some more lies !!! he he
I hope you're having a great weekend, with all this lovely sunshine I should be at the beach but I have so much to do.
Well who would like to win the die cut kit from my shop Die cut Dreams that are a roll-over from last weeks candy that wasn't won (see last weeks kit Here)
plus I'll add in for this weeks candy a selection on new die cut words and plaques see them Here.
Right here's we go with this weeks quiz , so to be in with a chance to win the above prizes you have to guess the right answer and you name will then go in the draw.
Which of the following statements is True !!! ?
1. I have been making jewellery for the past 10 years
2. I have been making stuffed toys since I was at school
3. I love painting in oils and often use oil paints when I'm at the beach
4. I have won awards for my embroidery
5. I have an 'O' level in art and sculpture
6. I used to work in silk screen printing
Remember 5 of these statements are down right Lies this week !!, And only one statement is the TRUTH that's the one you need to find !!! !!? lol Have fun and I'll be back sometime Tuesday with the truth !!! he he
You know what to do and if you don't well here's the Commenter's candy RULES
Have fun a filled weekend

Please check out my on-line Craft shop Die cut Dreams
Please check out my on-line Craft shop Die cut Dreams


Judith Veldhuizen said...

I think the first is true ...

Happy Days said...

Who knows, I'm gonna guess number 6. x

Aunty Sue said...

Oh go on then I will pick number 4,keeping my fingers crossed

scrapcat 1 said...

no idea number 7

xxsquigglesxx said...

I think #2 is true.

Lorraine said...

i think no. 4 is true xx

craft_princess said...

Oh gracious! This about makes my head hurt!! LOL! I am guessing number 1 is true?

craftykitten said...

Hi hun.
Oooh you are such a tease!! I am gonna go with number 4 about the embroidery as your stitching is always fabulous on your creations. Probably wrong but hey ho - it's all good clean fun!!
Dawn x

scrapcat 1 said...

rolf I forgot how many there where and plumped for 7 as it's my lucky number..... ususally can I try again with number three?!? at least I made you laugh lol!!!

Kat said...

I think no. 4 is true.

Kat x

Biscuitlid said...

you are a hoot!
I'll go with making jewellery then!

Julye said...

Hiya hun, I think you have an o level in art and sculpture, as I think you are possibly of an age (like me) that when you did exams they were prpoer exams, no offence meant but exams aren't what they use to be. and I don't think anyopne else picked that one either.

sammie@paperlily cards said...

ooh susie tricky...im going to guess number 4
sammie x x

Sandra said...

hmm, I will guess 3!

ScrappingHappy said...

i believe them all girl but i say 1 kisses XOXOXOXOX

Anne-marie said...

mmmm im guessing number 1 is true xx

Rainmac said...

Cor blimey, all of these sound completely plausible to me! I am going to guess at number 4 x