16 Oct 2010

The Pleasures All Mine !!!

How much pleasure do you think this little gadget can give a girl !!? well I'll tell you "more than any man !! lol"
I've been without it for a week !!! ..............The Internet that is and I'm still without my normal Internet at home due to Tiscali changing over the lines in our area to their sister company Talk Talk, I've had 3 phone calls to a call centre somewhere in India this week all at least 1 and 1/2 hours long while pulling my hair out trying to get on line, Garry & I have spent over £50 on coffee sat in Costa Coffee so I can use their free WiFi to do what I needed to on the net and I had to close my DCD shop too.
But with the help of my wonderful DT girls/friends Bert & Dawn I got through the week and my 3 challenge blogs have run smoothly so I would like to thank them and the rest of my lovely DT girls who filled in commenting etc for me, I'm so lucky to have such good friends on my Design teams, thanks girls xx.
Also thanks to my friends Victoria & Scoopy Sue for all the texting and message passing you done for me xx.
Anyway I'm finally now on the Internet at home thanks to this little mobile Internet gadget thingy in the photo above, I'm still not receiving all my emails due to the pop~tiscali thingy that's giving me an error message but I'm on line and that's what matter !! phew what a week, Garry calls my Laptop my Life support machine and after being without access for a week I think I have to agree with him !!! lol
Have a great weekend girls I know I will now I have my new gadget !!

Please check out my on-line Craft shop Die cut Dreams which I'm about to re~open !!!!!


craftykitten said...

Woooohooooooo, welcome back Susie hun. Oh I have missed you on here and helping out was my pleasure. Here's hoping that your regular internet gets sorted real soon!!
Huge hugs
Dawn xx

Anne-marie said...

woooo hooo welcome back Susie I have missed you and your posts hope you get it all sorted out soon have a fab weekend
Anne-marie xx

Lilacanglia said...

Welcome back hun
I had one of them 3 dongles caused me nothing but hassle and you dont get a good reception with them,
I certainly wouldnt recommend them to anyone not even my enemy
nice to see you back

Fiona said...

well I'm glad your up and running again...I was without the internet for 2 days last month and I felt like my right arm had been cut off. At first when the wifi thingy came out..I thoughjt somebody was referring to me...I am wee and my name is Fi...wifi!!lol...my hubby tells me I love my PC/internet more than I love him...hee hee..of course not true!!


Crafty Chris said...

Now I dont know about that 1st statement, but it is fantastic to have you back on line, i think you should be getting compensation.
Chris x

Mandi said...
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Mandi said...

I will just say this..
Neon rainbow o-o-o-o
Its Neon rain-bows

Im on AOL and have been without all week too and the Talk Talk theme tune when you are holdin on..GGGRRRR
I cannot stop singing it STILL

Rainbows.,..neon rain....lol

ps glad you're back hu

Kathyk said...

Know what you mean - I would hate to be without internet even here on vacation!!

Welcome back Susie


Lori said...

Yeeeehawww! Welcome back we missed you!

pinky said...

Its so frustrating when you can't get on line. Was without a few weekends ago for 4 days!! Cracked me up. Hope it all gets sorted soon.

Anne said...

When I started to read this post I wondered what was coming next! So glad to hear that you're up and running again. How did we ever manage before we had the internet. Hugs xx

lis-m said...

We are in the same boat , Susie...we are on tiscali...but following a rather heated phone call from someone in India trying to get my hubby to sign up to a contract to Talk Talk...I could hear her aggressively shouting at him from the top of our stairs...he hung up...needless to say we are still on tiscali..
Not happy with Talk Talks bullying tactics.. :( ..still i would be lost without internet...:-(