17 Mar 2011

Lost Contacts ............Help Me Please !!

Hi blogging buddies ........as some of you know over 2 weeks ago my laptop died on me and as I have cover with the Tech Guy company they came and took it away for repair ....well yesterday my beloved laptop came home with a new hard drive in it and the old hard drive in a doggie bag !!! so I've lost everything that was on it.
The most annoying thing is though, I bought myself an external hard drive to back up a year ago but hadn't bothered to back up my laptop to it since the end of last summer so all my photos etc and all the images/ downloads that I bought since then are lost I could cry, all my Sugar Nellie images and loads from Whimsey and I even bought 2 or 3 sets from Pink Petticoat just a while before and hadn't even used them :(  so let my bad luck (and stupidness !!) be a lesson to you girls ....Back up Regularly
Not only that I lost my IncrediMail programme with all my emails and contacts and I had stored all my snail mail addresses in a folder on there etc
So if you are someone that emails me or that I email or I had your snail mail address for orders or samples (or just for fun) or phone number please could you email me at kutnkut@tiscali.co.uk so I'll then be able to save your contact details again
Thanks for all your help


Elizabeth said...

Hi Susie, so sorry to read of your catastrophe. Re the digi stamps/papers bought from various sources, expecially those recently bought, it may be a good idea to contact Pink Petticoat for example. I say this because many of the suppliers allow you a chance to download more than once so you may well be able to do that with these. Hope this helps. I'm just away to copy my digital files on to CDs before anything dire happens to my pc. Elizabeth x

Christine said...

Awww Susie what rotten luck..I do back up at least twice a wk..I know me halo is strangling me..but like you say the money spent on digis & freebies we find cant be replaced..a sorry lesson learnt babes..


Sue said...

Hi ya hun
go onto qvc buy yaself a click free it backs up for you dead easy only adds the new stuff you add onto ya comp, wouldnt be without mine. Bell you 2moro hun, sue,x

Claire x said...

Aww hun I can totally sympathise as I lost all my email contacts when my laptop decided to go up the spout - luckily I didn't lose my images or photos as these were recovered - but since that time I did buy an external hard drive and now back up regularly to avoid anything happening again as its devastating. Hugs, Claire x

tracy said...

it is easily done, we never think our pc will break down on us, i have had it happen to me a few years ago, luckily i had put a lot of my photos and such on photobucket so was able to resave them to pc, i have since bought a external disc driver so can back up on disc and bought a external hard drive to store my craft stuff on but yes i have got lazy at backing up, so yes a timely reminder to get it done during the school hols.

Sandra Smith said...

ooo how terrible that's my worst nightmare!!!
Hope you will find all your digistamps and adresses again!!

Wendy (Woo to friends!) said...

Maybe all isn't lost? What's wrong with the hard drive they took out? I have made every old hard drive from my pc's into external hard drives and retrieved things I thought I'd lost. It might be worth a look?
Wendy Woo