10 Feb 2012

My Rare Tilda Story By Susie Sugar

I thought it was time to speak up and tell my side of the story ;
Just in case there is anyone out there that didn't know....I am the person that everyone is talking about....
I put a used Magnolia Tilda with skates stamp on Auction on eBay almost 2 weeks ago, starting price at 99p and in the week that it was listed on eBay it reached the end price of £310 !!
Three ladies (one from Norway, one from Malta and another from Australia) kept bidding against each other and the price went up and up and then right at the end a lovely lady from the UK won the stamp .....no one could have been more surprised than me, I never in a million years thought a small piece of rubber (never mind how cute) would sell for such a price.
Please remember when you are reading this that I didn't ask this price for the stamp it was auctioned and the buyers bid what they wanted to pay.
I have today spoken to the lady who bought my stamp and she bears no regrets about buying the stamp at all.
I didn't buy the stamp to sell to intentionally make a profit, I bought it to use which is what I did and then when I'd finished with it I put it on eBay to sell to recoup the money I paid out for it so I could use the money to buy something else crafty.
They say I'm guilty of using the word "Rare" in my listing and I admit that I did use that word, but at the time of the sale this stamp was not available to buy in any shops, and you couldn't find it anywhere so in my mind the stamp I was selling was rare, I had no idea Magnolia were going to re release it this week.
Today I have read a comment on the Face Book Magnolia World group left by one of the official Magnolia design team members (so it must be true !!)....She quotes :"I know for a FACT the reason Magnolia released the stamp was so noone spent so MUCH of their hard earned cash for one stamp again ,SO have made it so readily available in craft stores for people who love Magnolia, at a much more reasonable price."
She also quotes on her own blogs when advertising the re release of this stamp for Magnolia that :"this stamp is no longer "RARE" ...... which I take to mean that it once was "RARE" at some point in the past.
EDITED; It seems I have not explained clearly why I used the quotes highlighted above made by one of the Magnolia team members, I did it to prove to the people that have insinuated that I some how knew this stamp was going to released by Magnolia and that I sold it at that particular time to make what they have called a killing before the stamp is released to the world as she quote that Magnolia made the decision to release the stamp because of my sale, and also to prove that it must have been at some point rare.
So I used the quotes above not to point any fingers at  this lady, but as they have been made by an official Magnolia team member who knows what she is talking about and has in fact said a few words that in some small way helped to prove my innocence of what I have been accused of.
I will also say that not all the hurt and upset has stemmed from the Magnolia World Group I have had mud thrown at me from all directions, but I used these to quotes to try to clear my good name as I felt they helped me. So those who think I am having as go at this lady I urge you to please go back and read what I wrote in the way that it was meant .
I consider myself an honest and caring person, I would never intentionally mislead anyone, let alone rip anyone off, but because of this sale my good name is now ruined, I've been called greedy, sick, and dishonest on the Magnolia world group on Face book and even accused of worse on the Do Craft Forum.
I'm saddened by all the negative attention the sale of this stamp has caused, I've been made to feel terrible and have felt physically ill this last week, anyone of us crafters could have owned this stamp and wanted to sell it on eBay and this could have happened to any of us, how would you feel ? I now I feel like giving up blogging and the whole episode has even put me off of crafting for now.
I honestly thought all crafters were the nicest people in the world, I can't believe I've been talked about like this, I'm deeply hurt and upset by the whole situation.



jiminy japes said...

Hi Susie
So sorry to hear about your ordeal. All I can say is that if people are prepared to pay that kind of money for a piece of rubber then that's up to them.Maybe there should be a way of setting a limit on ebay so that excessive bids are blocked and a more reasonable price is paid. If that lady is happy with her purchase then I can't see what the problem is. It's just sour grapes Susie. I can't believe that people can be so judgmental when they don't know you. I have issues with the wisdom of social networking in any form as it gives people with suspect agendas a forum to vent with no comeback. I hope that you can overcome this and I'm sure that your true friends (not the so called friends on Facebook etc) will stand by you because they Do know you. I hope that you feel better soon
Heather xxx

jiminy japes said...

Hi Susie
So sorry to hear about your ordeal. All I can say is that if people are prepared to pay that kind of money for a piece of rubber then that's up to them.Maybe there should be a way of setting a limit on ebay so that excessive bids are blocked and a more reasonable price is paid. If that lady is happy with her purchase then I can't see what the problem is. It's just sour grapes Susie. I can't believe that people can be so judgmental when they don't know you. I have issues with the wisdom of social networking in any form as it gives people with suspect agendas a forum to vent with no comeback. I hope that you can overcome this and I'm sure that your true friends (not the so called friends on Facebook etc) will stand by you because they Do know you. I hope that you feel better soon
Heather xxx

Exclusively by Mel said...

Hi Susie,
All this is crazy! why the hell should you get ill over selling a stamp on ebay. It's up to the individual what they wish to pay for an item.
It's all got way out of hand!
I feel so bad for you, I really do. xxx
Your a wonderful friend and boss.
Love you loads Susie.
melly. xxx

Anne said...

Hi Susie
Don't beat yourself up about it. Jealousy is a terrible thing and if the lady who eventually purchased the stamp is happy then I say it's success all round. It is a lot to pay for one piece of rubber but hey, enjoy your profit, spend it on lots of other crafty stuff and hold your head high, you didn't force anyone into the sale. Hope you recover from your ordeal quickly Susie. Big hugs xx

Becky said...

You shouldn't make yourself ill over this. Ebay is an auction site, the whole purpose of auctions is for an item to reach a price that the buyer thinks it's worth. But, I wonder how soon more of these will be on ebay with the word 'rare' in the title??
I hope you're not missing from blogland for too long. 'Don't let the b@#+@/^s get you down'.
Becky xxx

fionalawlor said...

Wow I must have been living under a bush or something because I haven't heard anything about this!
As far as I am concerned (baring in mind I have only read your side of the story) you have done nothing wrong! I am amazed that somebody would pay this much for a stamp and would have to question her sanity lol
However she was not the only one...there were 3 women who wanted this stamp badly. Who can say what its value is, basicly it's worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. You should not be made feel guilty about this and as the lady above said, I think a lot of people are just jealous! Does anybody complain when a Banksy or any other modern artist sells a piece of art and it makes a ridiculous amount of money? Nope lol
Don't let this make you give up on your blog and hobby that you love and I really hope that you feel better soon :)
*hugs* Fiona L x

krafty-kutz said...

I lists stuff as rare even when its not rare...PMSL...to try and get more money...lol...you done NOTHING WRONG AT ALL...its a shame they have nothing better to do with there time apart from gossip like a load of fish wives!!!! Dont u just hate keyboard warriors???? You know who the decent ppl are in your life ...and they dont bitch like that....thats for sure!!! I love u to bits as a friend and a boss!!! Youve been nothing but generous...kind and overall a lovely friend to me......There not worth your tears!!!! Chin up kid!!! xx

fionalawlor said...

ps. Which one was it? Do u know which collection she was from?
Fiona x

Lisa Shepard said...

I just wanted to add my hugs as well. I sell items on ebay and what the item sells for is up to the bidders. You listed the item at a fair price, the bidders are the ones who chose the end price. I think my jaw would have dropped if I saw what another wanted to pay for it. I'm sure you felt the same. Crafting is a LOVE not a COMPETITION. The one who bought your stamp must really feel a LOVE for the craft. Keep doing what you LOVE!! HUGS, Lisa

Heather said...

Haven't heard a thing about this but to be honest all I can say is you can buy a lot of crafty stuff with that money! It is completely up to others what THEY CHOOSE to pay. There is nothing for you to feel guilty about and anybody having a go is just jealous!

Amanda xx said...

Hi Susie,
I must say that i haven't heard this either.......Susie you are among one of the most talented and gifted crafters within blogland that i have come across in my short time blogging.....when i bid on ebay i bid what i think is my highest limit....i have gone over that many times when i really want something.....perhaps Magnolia are jealous because the profit is yours and not theirs......tough t****'s thats what i say.......please don't fret too much over it and buy some really gorgeous yummy stash and then show it off to us all lol.......those WHO CARE, CARE xxxxxxxxx love n hugs xxxxxxx Amanda

Mandy said...

Oh Susie this is unbelievable and so childish & spiteful of people to keep banging on about it.
You did NOTHING wrong. That gorgeous Tilda was rare when you listed her and the lady who purchased her was very lucky to be able to afford to bid up to that amount, a stamp is worth as much as anyone is WILLING to pay for it.
Hold your head high girl, you did NOTHING wrong. Maybe people are just jealous because you were the lucky owner of that little cutie but you certainly shouldn't be made to feel ill for doing NOTHING wrong.
I hope the lucky lady who bought her & paid lots of money for Tilda because she wanted to enjoys her new and now "FAMOUS STAMP"
If anything hun you have become an honest victim in all this spiteful gossip, sod them all I say, there are a lot of people who owe you an apology
lots of love Mandy xx

Crafty Chris said...

Jealousy is a terrible thing, so anyone badmouthing is just so jealous, I wouldnt worry about it if the person who bought is happy thats all that matters, I think she is mad paying that price, but if its what she wants happy days.
Chris x

Maureen said...

If the customer was satisfied what the hell has it got to do with anyone other than you and her There are some very nasty people out there Susie and my best advice is IGNORE THEM Love Maureen


Hi Susie
Sorry to hear of this and as for selling a stamp that is all you were doing ,it is up to people what they pay for anything ,so don't feel bad about you take care
Hugs Dianne xx :)

kbrandy4 said...

Hi Susie My Friend, so sorry this is still going on but why should you be made to feel like you have done something wrong when others out there are selling the same stamp for lots of money too!! The seller from Norway sold the same stamp for £243.64, i wonder if she is getting the same stick!! Some people out there pay over the odds for things but that is up to them!! I do hope you feel better soon Susie!!
Hazel xx

Christine said...

Ohhhh Susie I know you will get thro this spiteful ordeal.. I for one know what you are going thro, its because you are a genuine lovely honest person that this has affected you so badly..NO law has been broken selling a gorgeous Tilda stamp that EVERYONE would have wanted but only ONE bought..we all use ebay to buy & sell..no law in that..plain old jealousy & nothing else to do with their time but GOSSIP bout folks..RISE above it sweet friend & dont let them win..your far to good a crafter to hide your talent away..

mummy x

Lynne said...

Hi Susie ... well what can I say that hasn't already been said ... I was so sad to hear everything that has happened to you .. my heart goes out to you .. please, please don't give up crafting .. you are such a talent and we can't lose you EVER!! it is just sour grapes on behalf of those who, given half a chance, would do the same .. how on earth did you know that someone would be willing to pay that much for a stamp?? and if they are willing then good luck to them and you :)
I'm sending you massive hugs and lots of love
Lynne xxx

Claire said...

OMG Susie people can be so heartless. Reading this you have done nothing wrong. I always sell on ebay and it's not just craft items that can get more than they are worth, it has happened with me with other items, but at the end of the day if the bidders are prepared to pay for it and keep bidding for it then it's out of your hands. Times like this you find out who your true friends are and in my opinion people should mind their own business and keep their nasty comments and opinions to themselves. I certainly don't rate these kind of forums and personally never go on them, because as with any kind of forum there is and always will be bitchiness. I would not let this experience ruin you - your crafty work is wonderful and it would be such a shame for you to leave blogging behind. Rise above it sweetie, these people have nothing better to do with their lives. Hugs, Claire xx

Mummylade said...

you know you didn't do anything dodgy and your true friends know it too, that's all that matters hun!
There will always be bitter and small-minded people in the world, the trick is to pity them for their sad lives

Sue said...

Hi ya hun
for starters i no nowt about this, you have done nothing WRONG, we all no ebay is a bidding game you can get a bargain or pay over the odds if you want something you will pay what ever.
I wouldnt give a rats ars.. about what they say on magnolia they be peed of cause you got that money & not them!
I dont think any crafters would think bad of you hun.
You are a lovely lady & generous to a fault.
My advice, enjoy the money n go buy some new stash, then see what other RARE items you have n get them on ebay!!!!!
You no where i am hun, sue,xxxxxx

craftykitten said...

Right, first things first Susie Sugar - you just hold your head high young lady because you are an innocent party in all this. You advertised an item which, at the time, was rare. You described it perfectly, you said it had been used and well cleaned and you listed it at a fair price! The bidding is nothing to do with you, people bid what THEY want, and sometimes more than they want! If your customer is happy then all you need to do is sit back and enjoy spending your money on whatever new craft you want!
Now, secondly if other people can't handle your success then that is their problem. They are only jealous because they didn't think of it first.
I don't do and will never do Facebook because I think it is a very dangerous place with a lot of nasty people with nothing better to do than attack others.
If they had been ripped off by unscrupulous people selling stolen goods as I was then they really would have something to moan about!
So to all you very sad people who have nothing better to do with your time than to upset, hurt, wound and attack one of the nicest people I know - I only have one thing to say - GET A LIFE!!!!!
Now Susie, you take the time to get yourself right and hurry back to your real fiends - we will be here waiting for you.
Big hugs to my lovely friend
Dawn xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jenny said...

Susie, I really don’t think your name has been tarnished in any way. Ebay is a crazy place, well all auctions are crazy! People often spend more than they intend. I sell on ebay all the time and am always surprised how much stuff fetches. If the issue is your description of the item I watched your sale at the time - I can’t see how you mislead anyone or did anything wrong. The item was not available to buy in all the normal outlets (I know cos I did look very hard :-)) so it was a hard to find or 'rare' stamp at the time – Which is the point. Clearly the buyer and other bidders had no issue. Let’s face it if you’re a fan (and you really would have to be to buy one for over £300!) you know if you can find the stamp elsewhere. I know this has got to feel pretty nasty, it’s always horrible to feel attacked by faceless people, but as my wise old man points out to me 'if you don't know or respect these people what do their opinions matter?' Enjoy the money and keep crafting, people will move on to something else soon. Chip up :-)

Craftyrose said...

Susie hunny. I saw this stamp on Ebay and I didn't know it was yours. I am absolutely astounded that people would consider any of these horrible things about you. You did an honest thing by listing your rare stamp because at the time you listed it, it was a rare stamp. People who are being so nasty are deeply jealous and sick in the head. You hold your head up high honey you have done absolutely nothing wrong. People who know you and there are many of us in the crafting world, know what a lovely, kind hearted person you are and those people are the ones who will be hurting at the way you have been treated. Big hugs to you Susie hun, don't give up on crafting and sharing. Your work is gorgeous and you are too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lorraine said...

Susie don't give up i am with these girls some people can be so nasty they new what they were buying so its their problem you have too amny friends to leave blogland and you love crafting so keep doing what you love and please try not to let it get you down you still have your friends who know you wouldnt do anything to hurt anyone we loves ya sweetie xx

Betsy said...

My feeling is ... it is the responsibility of the buyer to investigate the "rareness" of something they are considering purchasing. If you couldn't find it for sale anywhere, then the lady that bought your stamp wouldn't have been able to find it either, thus making it "rare". Don't give a second thought to what others are saying ~ this is your business, not theirs. If someone wanted to pay a million dollars for your stamp, then so be it and lucky you!!!

Debbie Pamment said...

I have to say I am sooo sorry to see you lay blame on all the feedback you have received on one particular Magnolia DT member. She is a personal friend of mine and at no time attacked you for your ebay sale - she simply stated a fact. That you sold your stamp for such a high price is no-one's business but yours and the buyers - but many of us watched on in amazement and it was bound to create a stir. The fact that you insinuate that this Magnlia DT member is part of the hurtful comments is unfair - check WHO wrote the words you took offense to and no-where will you see her name! I wish you all the best and hope this stupid issue can be OVER - there has been WAYYYY too much made out of it!

Rea said...

Hi Susie, I am really glad you posted this, and shared where you were coming from and your thoughts and feelings. I was a member of the Magnolia Facebook group, and I saw everything that was going on. I didn't get involved in it. To be honest, I was very upset by what I felt was just flat out anger and hate, on both sides. I did leave the group, because I wasn't going there for all that, but to view cards of images I loved and to post once in awhile myself. But this whole situation has left a bad taste in my mouth, and like I said I left the group. I see things with a little different angle myself. I think all this is Magnolia's fault. They know what kind of following they have and yet they come out with stamps at times that are not available to everyone. Then I felt it was wrong to go and release them recently and insinuate that people who go and sell their own stamps are doing wrong. I have seen people sell things like this alot. The Beanie Babies are a prime example. People buy them, and them resell them at the right time, to make a profit. If they choose to do this it is none of my business. I do understand why you have been so hurt, I wan't the one targeted, and it all bothered me, so I can see why it would hurt you. I can see why you want to step away for awhile too. I purchased a Tilda the other day, but now I will not be purchasing any Magnolia products too soon in the future. After reading your post, it leaves an even worst taste in my mouth. It just doesn't feel right. I wish you the best and hope you feel better soon.

Patty Sue 2 said...

Sometimes it is sour grapes that causes people to hurt each other with words. If somebody was will to pay that much for the stamp that is their decision and their money. I find that people often say and do things on social networks that they shouldn't...trouble is they cannot call back the hur. Continue to be your sweet self and ignore those who have nothing better to do.

Gail said...

Take a step back .have some chocolate and a mug of coffee and say no more. The crafty spotlight will shine on someone else tomorrow.


Karen said...

Hi Susie, well this certainly has created a big stir hasn't it! Talk about mountains and mole hills. Anyway as you selling your stamp - good for you, and the person who paid that amount of money for it - well good for them, personally I would rather spend $300 on 30 or more Magnolia stamps than just 1, but each to their own I guess! What really got me to respond to this whole horrid affair is your post. I don't think it's fair that you are having a go at a Magnolia Design Team member (who is also a dear friend of mine) for simply pointing out that this stamp is now available at the listed stores, and that it is no longer a rare stamp and that you don't have to spend $300 pounds or Euro's or whatever currency or more for it.... it's now in everyone reach and budget! I mean you can't blame Magnolia for releasing the stamp when they did! There were so many people selling this stamp for a fortune I know you started yours at 99p but one I saw started at $170 pounds, now that is just plain WRONG (I think if I was Magnolia, I would feel the same - I would prefer my customers spend their $300 hard earned money on a bunch of Magnolia products than just 1.... wouldn't you, if you were Magnolia?) Don't get me wrong - I still don't think you did anything wrong with selling the stamp in the first place starting at 99p - we are all just so astonished that someone would (in my opinion) be stoopid enough pay that much for a bit of rubber with a bit of foam stuck on the back!!! But I do think it's wrong to have a go at people (which is how I read it to be) who are just pointing out - Hey if you look here you can get on pre-order.... And that's all I'm gunna say about it.

Kylie said...

Hi Susie,
I hope you are feeling better seeing all of the support you have received. Crafting is supposed to be fun. When I started out in what was this lovely crafty bloggy world, it WAS fun - and a kind and supportive place. How that has changed!
I was going to email you privately regarding this, but changed my mind. I think there are a lot of people reading your post and also commenting, so why not be heard too.
I wonder - did you actually see the posts in Magnolia World on facebook? Because if you did you would know that the person you are pointing the finger at was NOT being hurtful to you at all. She never said one bad word about you. Krafty Kutz created a huge stir and was actually quite nasty throughout the whole post. Her intentions may have been good, sticking up for you, her friend, which I applaud, the manner in which she did it however, was disgusting. Her comments HERE actually make me sick to my stomach ("I lists stuff as rare even when its not rare...PMSL...to try and get more money...lol..."). I have kept quiet through this whole horrible saga and wish it never happened at all, but when the finger is pointed squarely at an innocent person I get my feathers ruffled. When that person is a good friend of mine, I get hopping MAD. I have always held you in high regard and that has not changed, but I do ask that you visit FB and the Magnolia World group and read the conversation for yourself.
I am terribly sorry all of this has happened. I wish we could press the rewind button and go back and change how things panned out. I am sure you do to. But we can't so I feel we should look at things objectively and then MOVE ON. Enough is enough. Too many people are hurting and the crafting world has been tainted by certain things being misunderstood or taken out of context.
Lets hope this all ends soon.
Kind regards,

Susie Sugar said...

Please note for those of you that think I was " having a go" at any one person with the quotes I used in my statement trying to clear my name, I have now edited my post in red pointing out my reasons for using the quotes.
I hope you will return to read my explanation and understand why I used these quotes and also see that I was not pointing any fingers......if I was I would have used some of the nasty things other people have said but I am only interested in clearing my name.
Susie Sugar

krafty-kutz said...

why cant people read...yes i said... ("I lists stuff as rare even when its not rare...PMSL...to try and get more money...lol..."). PMSL & LOL for those of u that dont know...means laughing & joking!!!! now ppl cant understand english??? The same way ppl couldntunderstand what RARE meant!!! The way i went on made u sick to your stomach??? How come the 40+ comms that were left on facebook didnt make u sick to ur stomach...like money grabber, sick, geed...just to name a few,but because a DT member has been quoted (not accused of anything) here we go again all jumping on the wagon!!! no wonder i lost my temper....You all sat back and let this ladys name be dragged through the mud and didnt pipe up then!!! What is wrong with u all!!!!!!! can u NOT see what has happend????? Coz the comms i read on this blog...they can all see it!!! I was the only person on the full magnolia world group that spoke out...and that makes u sick when all the nasty stuff didnt...you need to get ur prioritys right before jumping in!!! You all sat back and read what was being said or even worse commented...That doesnt make me a bad person at all!!! I was the only one that had the guts to stand up to the affensive ones in the group to defend my friends name. Now im the bad person.....But remember this....before i joined the group there were 40+ cooms already on there and people were feeling intimidated by the comms...the members of the group, should have put a stop to it in the 1st place...but i do find it funny how your friend has been quoted and ur all there for HER!!! yet i was soooo wrong to do it...Like i said from the start...YOU DONE NOTHING WRONG SUSIE...NOW THEY CAN ALL GET ROUND THERE POT...AND STIR IT SOME MORE ONLY THIS TIME HUNNI....IM IN THE MIDDLE OF IT.....SO THEY MIGHT LEAVE YOU ALONE!!!!!!!!!

krafty-kutz said...

And i have notice how the DT member we are talking about has changed her post on her blog as it did say......PLEASE DONT BE RIPPED OFF BUYING THESE STAMPS ON EBAY.....making it sound like susie had ripped ppl off....THIS IS MY POINT!!!!! a person has edited there comms in one way or another so they dont look bad...even a lady on facebook admitted last night that she had removed her comm....so now ppl cant see the true mud that was slug!!!!!! how convenient!!!

Dragonlady said...

Hi Susie

Like many others who have commented here I had not heard anything about this happening and am deeply upset that it has caused a talented lady li eyourself to feel like giving up blogging. I too agree that an item is worth what someone will pay. You did not make these ladies bid against each other and if they did not want to pay that much they should have pulled out of the bidding. I hope you know that there are many people in blogland who love the inspiration you give and would really miss your creations. having said that and hearing what you have been having to put up with I can totally understand you reacting in this way. Please put this behind you and take care Susie I love you for all the support and help you have given me over the last year.

Big hugs hun. Ali xx

laney said...

Dear Susie
if people did not want it they would not bid up to that amount , they are adults and know exactly what they want to pay otherwise they would stop bidding, they have a choice...no once forced them into going on..they could have stopped at any time
Dont feel bad Susie this isnt your fault even those critics should understand that,if your buyer is happy why shouldnt you be??
Please dont give up your blogging and your crafts that would be really sad and as for clearing your name, its clear to me and I'm sure to all your crafty friends who visit you regularly
chin up girl!!

Debbie Pamment said...

Dear Susie, I appreciate your edit. It just proves the point that things can easily be misconstrued and that this issue needs to be laid to rest now before there's any further hurt...I have always admired you and your work and will continue to do so.

Karen said...

Hi Susie,

Thanks so much for your editing:-)(and now even thouh I said I wasn't going to say anything more about it... I am LOL) I now understand what your trying to say. I apologise for my "having a go" comment - but at time it certainly felt to me as though you were, "having a go" and pointing your fingers in the totally wrong direction after reading what you had written! I guess that's the trouble with blog posts/emails and comments - things being taken in the opposite of it's intention. I hope you don't hold it against me for defending my dear friend. (after all that's my job as a friend) I guess that's pretty much how this whole mess started - friends defending friends... which certainly isn't a bad thing, it's just the mess that it caused is:-( I just wish that this whole thing can go away - it really is hurtful, I think, to everyone, but I guess it proves how much we all love to craft and how passionate we are about our Magnolia Stamps.

Judi said...

In a nutshell it's JEALOUSY PURE & SIMPLE. Ignore it, and enjoy spending the money!!! Life's too short to get upset by things like this.


Judi x

Marcelle said...

When I read a post about love and bitterness this morning, I though someone just said that a card or something was not appreciated in the way her works are always do.
I had no idea that it was all about the ebay and facebook thing.
I am used to bid on ebay and what I pay has never anything to do with the seller.
You poor thing. Dont give up on crafty. Your beautiful creations come from your heart and imagination. You may chose not to share with everyone but dont give up. Take your time, but peolple do know it is not your fault.
Wishing you beautiful days to come.

THERESA said...

Girl, you listed, they bidded, you sold, they are happy......... The End!!!!
We crafty people are passionate overall, so just put this behind you, know it might not be easy, but try and come back with force in creating, put all of that into your crafts, it sure helps!!
So, so sorry all this has happened and sending some cyber hugs and lotsa luv

coldwaters2 said...

OMG Susie how could anyone be so mean to such a lovely person like you, it was not your fault that the ladies bidded so high they had every opportunity to back out if they wanted to, as long as they had the money to cover what they were bidding then I am sure they were happy. I think all your friends in blogland know how much you love Magnolia stamps and for them to take this stance is not very nice. I could use other words but I do not want to be censored, lol. I think that this is just something some small minded people picked up on and wanted to have a beef about it, that seems to happen far to often these days if you ask me. I think you did the right thing and I would just let it pass, we still love you and your wonderful creations.
Love & hugs
Lorraine x

Alessandra said...

you know what Susie?? Let them f...ing ppl talk...sooooooooo many silly stupid brainless ppl out there... it seems that they don't have enough problems. There are women being killed for just being female, there's animal cruelty that sickenes me to death, there are so many children being abused and these silly silly silly women have nothing better to do than bitch about nice ladies???! Let them talk, the universe will clear this I am sure about this.
You did not ask them to buy the stamp for this price, anyone who pays such an exorbitant price has to know it if she wants to pay this price or not.
Head up, Sweetie, I bet you are a nice person no matter what the others say. But I know it's a hard time for you now. I am being accused of many mean things too because of someone of my family that bitches about me, so I know a bit how you must feel.
Hopefully you have a nice Sunday evening despite all that.
lotsa hugs, Alessandra

Sandra said...

Hi Susie, I havn´t heard anything about this, but still wanted to say something nice. It can´t be your fault when someone buys for that kind of money. It just can´t, we are all responsible for what we buy from ebay. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs Sandra

Lisa Jane said...

If someone wanted to buy the stamp- at whatever cost - then its their business... no one elses .
Don't let a minority get you down. AS has been said previously i think they are jealous and want to get a life.
Its none of their business.
Well done to you - and to the lady who bought the stamp.. you are the only ones that matter
Take care
Lisa x

Sue said...

Hi Suzie,
Well what an ordeal you have been through, please do not let these small minded jealous people upset you, you carry on crafting and inspiring others, people do and say the nastiest things not realising how much distress and hurt they cause, I am a great believer in what goes around comes around, so you enjoy the money it has bugger all to do with anyone else, if the lady was happy to pay that then that is up to her. Big Hugs Sue xx

Lorri said...

As a person who would love have a great sale on ebay myself, these people are just jealous and not worth the negative energy they are sending out. Rise above it. It is very easy to be mean behind a computer screen.

Lorri said...

As a person who would love have a great sale on ebay myself, these people are just jealous and not worth the negative energy they are sending out. Rise above it. It is very easy to be mean behind a computer screen.

cathylynn said...

Hey Susie, We have a right to sell on Ebay. It's up to the bidders to place a bid. I know I have a limit to what I'll pay for any item. You have no reason to feel sick. Shake off the dust and go on. Those who know you stand by your side!
Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

samsjubblies said...

I was surprised how much the stamp sold for but at the end of the day something is only worth what people are prepared to pay for it, all I can see is that "well done" never mind what other people say :-) xxx

Jane said...

Gosh just read this post, if we had the stamp ourselves when it was rare we would have done the same. Good for you. If people are willing to pay that much then that is their problem. Big hugs, your blog is fabulous and I love your creations. Jane x

Denize said...

Hi Susie
I haven't got a clue how I found your blog, been blog hopping all evening (as you do!) but I do know the story of the £310 Tilda.
You really have got NOTHING to worry about. If I was in your position, I would've done the same, in this climate we all need a little bit of cash right now, even if it's just to pay the gas bill which in my case it would be!
Don't be hard on yourself. In this crafty world, people are so so jealous and bitter if they feel someone is getting more than the other etc etc. I have only read a few comments on here and people are definitely all behind you.
Put all this to bed now and enjoy doing the thing you are good at - CRAFTING! I've taken a look through your blog and you've got some really gorgeous cards, don't ever give up.
I hope you are feeling better.
Denize x

j said...
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j said...

hi Susie my lov
in my eye's youve helped a lot of crafters enjoy and share there work and you to me are a lovely friendly person so there ..........

j said...

hugz and more hugz xxx

KDA said...

Hi Susie, Hard to believe! Susie congratulations on the sale of your Magnolia stamp.
And for Magnolia shame on you for treating your customers sooo...badly. (customers)"Susie and the lady who bought the stamp" and all the customers who have read these posts. I was once a Magnolia customer, but Magnolia's customer service is just not up to my standards. I was about to break my boycott with Magnolia. I am so glad I read this.
Susie I am so sorry to read about your ordeal.

CraftyC said...

Just found this post and am gobsmacked. I have been having a craftroom clearout and have put loads of stamps and quite a few magnolia's on ebay. To be honest I dont know whats old and unavailable or not but they all go on at 99p. I'd be thrilled to recieve such a price. Like you say, all auction only, no ones tied to bidding. If I dont use them anymore would rather get a few pennies and buy new. Dont let it dishearten you though I know its hard!

maddy hill said...

Susie - really dont let it bother you xxx i know exactly how you feel when i got £50 for a topper over a year ago - for some people having a stamp you have always wanted that you cant get hold of and if you have the money - why not eh ? crafting is an addiction - us crafters will spend and live of baked beans for a week just to get our crafty stash ... i know the bidders your talking about hun they are the same ones that use to bid on mine - and i got accused of shilling lol ... put it this way susie - you get to know who your friends are and those that turn ... are just spitefully jealous - hell fire hun im jealous !!! ( now goes and rakes in magnolia stamp box lol ) love maddy xx

Claire Pace Harmsworth said...

Dear Susie, I am writing this on your blog since I haven't had any replies to my messages. You left me a comment on my blog saying I was pointing my finger at you and slandering you, after I wrote on my blog that this rubber stamp sold for more than 300 pounds. I am sorry if you felt offended in any way. I have edited the post on my blog and I hope it makes you feel better now. I didn't know you were attacked in this manner, especially since I was the person from Malta who was bidding on your rubber stamp as well but stopped when the bidding went out of my way. I don't think it's your fault it sold for so much. However I find it unfair that Magnolia did not inform you that they were going to sell the rubber stamp after a very short period of time as at the time this rubber stamp was not available anywhere else and therefore it was rare. I don't know you very much and you don't know me either. But I promise you that I am not the type of person who slanders or gossips about other people's business. Since you wrote that message on my blog I couldn't stop worrying about it as my comment was not intended towards you in any manner. Hope that you have moved on and I'm only writing this since I didn't get any response from your end and I felt I should explain. I don't know what else you expect me to do to make you understand that I am a genuine person. Thanks for reading, Claire

Mel said...

Hi Susie
Been away awhile and was so shocked to read your story and more shocked about how you have been treated,
I just dont understand it you have no controll over what others are willing to pay for something,
I remember selling the first magnolia magazine and it went for a lot more than i paid for it but it could have so easily gone for no more than the 99p start bid but there was loads going for 50 pound and above i dont recall anyone going off about that.
anyway just my two pence worth hope it makes you feel a little better.
Hugs Mel x