1 May 2012

Please Support My Dear Friend

Hi everyone I want to tell you of some sadness that one of my Friends (who is also one of my Totally Tilda DT girls) and her family are going through at the moment and appeal to your good nature at the same time.
My Dear friend Lynne has had some devastating news after her 18 year old son Dan found a lump in his neck he was diagnosed with type 2 cancer, I don't think anyone can imagine what Dan, Lynne and the whole family must be going through  unless they have experienced something similar their self.
Dan is now under going chemo-therapy and Lynne has started a sponsored diet to help raise money for teenagers suffering with cancer, I'm hoping as many people as possible will help Lynne by donating.
Please pop over to Lynnes Blog to read her story in more detail and you'll also find links their if you would like to sponsor Lynne by donating to the charity Teenage Cancer Trust
My heart goes out to Dan, Lynne and all the family at this painful trying time in their lives as I'm sure yours does too
Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog especially tonight
Hugs ...............



sassy said...

consider it done susie will try and support her the only way i can ill try annd find a few quid somewhere soon for the trust...all my love sassyxxx

Lynne said...

Hey Susie
Thank you so much!!!
You are truly one in a million and have been a massive support to all of us ... your kindness - along with all of the tilderettes has been amazing
Love ya loads
Lynne xxxx

Tracy @ Cardmaker's Delights said...

Susie, I tried to donate but it wouldn't go through. I'll try again tomorrow. In the meantime, I've left a message on Lynne's blog offering to donate some of our card toppers for the cards she'll be making to sell. Hugs, Tracy